• Religion needs to learn not to discriminate

    It seems like the worse institutions that discriminate are religious institutions. Many of them do not believe in the same rights for gay people. Many of them do not have a even playing field for women. Women should be allowed to become priests if they so desire. That is for the Catholic Church and all religions. Hopefully, the new pope can work on that.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should allow the women to become priests it would cut down on the problems with the men molesting the altar boys. Not many women would touch a child either they are a lot more responsible for their urges and desires than a man is in many ways in general.

  • Yes, the Catholic Church should allow female priests.

    Ignoring the issue of whether or not female priests are allowable based on church dogma, allowing women to become ordained would be a good move for the future of the Catholic Church. Every field in which women have entered the workforce has increased that field's productivity. You simply cannot expect to get the best possible applicants when you start off by eliminating 50% of the population from consideration. Allowing women to become priests will lead to a stronger and more capable priesthood.

  • Yes, the church should allow female priests.

    I definitely think that the Catholic church should allow female priests. I think that if a person is dedicated enough to want to be a priest, it shouldn't matter that the person is a female or male. I think that the church should allow such a person the honor of being a priest.

  • If Catholic faith was a horizontal institution, many, of not most of the arguments for the "YES" would make sense.

    As I read for supporting ordination of women seem like coming from CEO- like-minded people.

    It should not come as a surprise whereas we see even in higher education no longer deep reflection about the essence and identity of Christianity but rather a vulgar phenomenology of religion and of religions.

    If the issue was: how to go about raising numbers and Corporate-America-like model of how to grow to grow Company feasibility and developmental potential then yes go ahead and run the plan two words political correctness but if you like me believe that the church is the bride of Christ and the mystical entity of the real presence of Christ in the church and you understand the church to be not the Enterprise of men but the Supernatural Project coming directly from the heart of God then no planning with politically correctness in mind is necessary.

    I, my friends for one I'm an ordained priest --of course a person of the male gender, for once would think that I am a priest because I deserve it or that only males should be or have the right to be priests because they are better than women: Woe to me that day...!!!

    Pope Francis mentioned the great contrast between the petrine ministry and the Marian Ministry. The Petrine Ministry representing male gender Ministry in the church and the Marian Ministry representing the female gender in the church. Anyone who truly believes in Christ and considers the Petrine Ministry as more important than the Marian Ministry should really be out of this debate... Speaking on reasonable terms.

  • Feel free to disagree

    It's not about discrimination and playing fields. All people are equal in the eyes of god. Nuns serve and teach people of the faith in the church so don't belittle their importance by imagining they all want to be priests and have to settle for seconds. Priests are trained to be totally indiscriminate in regards to sexual relations however by law of the catholic faith homosexuality is against god's wishes for us. Nonetheless priests must by duty to their faith simply treat them as a human being but not a fellow catholic (admittedly this has been done badly in the past). I have many gay friends who actually agree with me in this.
    It's not meant solely as an honour. You should be honoured to give up your life, your family, your pride, your sexuality, your possessions, every second from this breath until your last, to lead the people of this world who often won't respect or love you?
    I have met many good priests and in fact I grew up with a few. I have never felt threatened by any priest and furthermore some have helped me in the hardest times of my life. The life of a perfect priest is that of ultimate sacrifice. They sacrifice their family for God's family, their lifestyles for a lifestyle dedicated to God and the right thing, and their sexual relations for a pure heart and mind. Saying the catholic church should allow women priests based on shortage is not a valid moral argument, nor is slagging priests based on a few souls who gave to temptation in the very honourably put "-molesting the altar boys" from across the page. It's a pity the world is always keen to kick people when they fall instead of help them.

  • No, the Catholic Church should maintain its paternalistic model.

    The Catholic Church is strongly based on a paternalistic model, in which the Priests are actually referred to as "Father". Nuns are referred to as "Sister". I don't believe that Catholics are ready to change that model, especially in countries outside of the United States. There are nuns who do insist on more freedom and flexibility in their roles, and there does seem to be widespread acceptance of that idea. That freedom and flexibility can be achieved without changing the whole structure of the Church. Tradition is also important to people, and it is possible to work withing that traditional framework while allowing more equality to women.

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