Should the Catholic Church allow priests to get married?

  • It's a big step, but yes

    I fully realize that this would be a big change for the Catholic church, but really, they should reconsider this policy. The Bible simply does not require celibacy for priests. It's a man-made idea. Perhaps the intention behind it was good (having priests focus on the ministry vs. their own family), but it's still a human, not biblical, requirement.

  • They are married to the Church.

    For the past 2000 years, Catholic priests have NOT been allowed to marry. Why? Look at all of the duties they have. Adding marriage into that would mean neglect and mistreatment of either the priest's family or his flock. Between the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, adoration and benediction, last rites, reconciliation, and running a church, they have no time. They live for God, for Holy Mother Church, and for HIS people.

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