Should the Catholic Church be more welcoming of gay people?

  • Yes, they should

    They should because the bible never actually says that being gay is a sin. It only says that a man who lies with a mankind is a sinner, which is says nothing about being gay. And lots of developed countries allow gay marriage, so the vatican should keep up with modern ideas and accept homosexual people.

  • Yes, it should be and it is...But people are flawed and hypocrites at times

    The Catholic church is welcoming but a lot of people that are Catholic have grown up with a lot of prejudice towards gay people because of misinformation, because their parents or neighborhoods have taught them to be hateful, so people assume the Catholic Church isn't welcoming. Gay people have had bad experiences and even been bullied by people that go to Church which is unfortunate and therefore parishes should all strive to provide environments that are safe, caring and welcoming...This does not mean though that the Catholic Church should change its stance on marriage...

  • Catholics should be more welcoming to gay people.

    This is kind of a trick question. Even though the Catholic church doesnt openly accept gay people, there are many, MANY people whom are Catholic and gay. They are not treated any differently and I havent heard any priests condemning them to hell. I am sure a Priest will try to sway them to becoming "straight," but that is between God, the Priest, and man. I have never seen a gay person outcasted.

  • If they want to move forward

    The catholic church has suffered large rates of former believers now leaving the church and becoming unaffiliated. This is largely due to the now popular belief that gay rights are important and just. If they continue to hold this ancient belief the leaving rates will continue. If they are fine with their church becoming smaller and smaller and therefore less important and less important then they are free to do so, but I think they crave the power they once had and will change in order to regain their power.

    Posted by: Worm
  • Not in the way I think you mean.

    To the best of my knowledge, being a non-Catholic Christian, the Catholic Church doesn't have any problem with non-practicing homosexuals, just like it doesn't have problems with any other person who has temptation. However, the Catholic Church (and all other Christian churches) should not condone, much less embrace, homosexual behavior.

  • No, the Catholic Church can have its own stance.

    No, I do not believe that the Catholic Church must become more welcoming of gay people. The Catholic tenet of Christianity is entitled to its own belief system, and that may be a belief system that feels that homosexuality is a sin that should not be welcomed within the confines of the church.

  • The Catholic church is welcoming of gay people

    There is a common misconception that the Bible tells Catholics that being gay is a sin against God. If there is one thing that should be learned from Catholicism it is that we need to love all people. In every aspect of our lives we should show love. We should especially show love to those who are rejected or oppressed. Being gay should be more welcome by the church because its main message is simply to love. Jesus preach that we should love all people within certain restrictions, but that we should love all people, period.

  • Catholics are very supportive of ALL people

    It is unfair or people who know nothing of this religion to criticize them. Catholics are told to love and accept everyone, you cannot write them off just because they don't agree with a homosexual lifestyle. This is like criticizing a perfectly nice aethiest just because they don't agree with the Catholic lifestyle.

  • It's their freedom to choice. Back off

    This is going to far... Back off the Church, and let them believe THEIR believes. You for gay rights? Go celebrate it, stop yelling at the church for not agreeing.

    Intolerance of intolerance is hypocritical. The church must follow the Bible. The Bible is against it. If they are against what the Bible preaches, they are Hypocritical too.

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