Should the Catholic Church be worried about its future?

  • People are changing their ideas on religion

    Religion has refused to change, but the beliefs of the followers has changed. Many believers now think that the bible should not be taken literally and is simply a metaphor. Others do not even agree with the bible and simply state their is a spiritual being. This change is vital to the collapse of the church, because they are preaching while many are not listening. The church has failed to become modern, as homosexuals, racial groups, and other religious institutions begin to gain equality the church still spews its inequality. Then there is the rise of atheism in first world nations, as life become easier for us we have less to worry about. Since we no longer need to pray for food, water, love, hosing and other needs what else is there? People in developed nations no longer need god, because it has become irrelevant in a 'developed' society. The church must modernize and change its audience to the developing world.

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    With its incompatibility with current day issues, the Catholic Church definitely has reason to be worried about its future. More and more people are turning away from the Church and its outdated ways and instead adopting more modern lifestyles and moral sets. As times change, the Catholic Church will only become less and less appealing to the new generations because it is so sedentary.

  • Yes, they should.

    If the Catholic Church wishes to survive in the years to come, they need stand up and take notice as to the general trend across the world. In general, people across the world are becoming less and less religious, and this does not bode well for the future of the church.

  • Nope, many intelligent folks convert to Catholicism and Anglicanism

    If anything Lutheranism and Judaism should be concerned about their future. They're responsible for allowing centuries of imperialism, racism, lynchings in some cases, child pedophilia, racial hatred, etc. So it should be those churches worrying about their future lol. So yeah there you have it lol. The Church doesn't have to worry about their future.

  • God is not going out of business.

    The Catholic Church has survived scandal after scandal for 2,000 years now, so with this, no, I do not believe the Catholic Church should be worried about its future. The Church just elected a new pope, and one that I am confident will lead the Church to a promising new place. As long as we have prayer, God is not going out of business.

  • The Catholic Church will remain.

    The Catholic church may not maintain its strength, but it will still be around for a long time. The traditions and indoctrination of the church remain with its members even when they leave the church. That connection will be a part of their lives as long as they live, and keep the church alive.

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