• Yes definitely time to get with the times.

    There is a lot of catching up to do and the best way to do it is to update the different faiths. In the 1300s witchcraft was deemed evil by the church and it is a belief still held to this day. In all actuality Jesus preached acceptance of other peoples beliefs. The catholic church is the strangest set against this for fear of losing followers. Even Mary queen of Scots went on a killing spree. people look to the church for guidance. It is time for the church to guide. They can not do that if they live in the middle ages.

  • They must embrace the modern times.

    Much like the Republicans are realizing they need to embrace modern times, the Catholic religion must follow suit. They can not continue to be stuck in their ways and expect the people to follow when they contradict their personal values. Conformity is not the answer, but acceptance of others and their cultures is.

  • Yes They Should

    The Catholic Church is absolutely notorious for living in the dark ages. Their hierarchical structure, their dated puritanical stances on morals and behavior, and their rigid requirements of priests are all testaments to how behind the times they are. The Church has been trying to cling to olden values, which only serves to make them less and less relevant to the average person.

  • Changing morals and values will make us seem like any other protestant church.

    We are different and will embrace it. We are against abortion because we embrace life. We are against contraception because having pre-marital sex should not be normal and should not be tolerated. Changing these will make us a completely different type of church. One that was not created by Jesus and his followers. The church is losing followers because people want to have their own rules and justify them. It does not matter if we're the biggest church in the world. It does not matter the quantity of people but the quality of them. Not all catholics are perfect, we are all sinners, but why should we change the rules?

  • The Catholic Church should be dismantled.

    Along with all other churches, it is a mean of social control. They control everything followers do with promises of an eternal and painful life beyond death if they do not submit and promises of eternal pleasure and peaceful life beyond death if they do submit. Instead of believing in religion, which is doing what you are told, regardless of what is right, people should be believing in morality, which is doing what is right, regardless of what you're told.

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