Should the Catholic Church make celibacy optional?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Free will is better

    I read an article in the paper about another Catholic priest who has been accused of child molestation, and I got to thinking that if this particular issue is going to be addressed, maybe they should examine forcible celibacy. The fact that priests are prohibited from being married is most likely a contributing factor. They should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they want the celibate life.

  • Contradicts the faith

    Priests are celibate so they can focus entirely on God. They use their free will to choose to stay true to the religious path. Are there priests who go against the vows they took? Yes, but you absolutely cannot base the entire Catholic faith off of a few who choose to do wrong because there are much more that do the right things.
    And to be honest, the Catholic Church will never 'examine forcible celibacy' because the Catholic faith teaches that priests are to be celibate and the Catholic faith is the one faith that will never change no matter how much people think they should.

  • Celibacy is already optional in the Catholic Church.

    Catholics are completely allowed to get married and have sex, there are just certain restrictions such as no sex before marriage and no having sex with someone other than your spouse. In fact there's a long running joke that a couple with many kids "must be Catholic". If you're reffereing to priests in particular, then no. The religious life and the married life are two seperate lifestyles, married life being the more common. Just like the married life has its gifts, so does the religious life. They are seperate lifestyles.

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Stefy says2015-03-01T03:10:59.167
Either way is fine with me. Its not like people are forced to become priests and they can leave the priesthood whenever they want. It isn't like they don't know what they're getting into.