Should the Catholic Church recognize the sainthood of a woman who had an abortion?

  • A woman who had an abortion can become a saint, but it depends.

    The Church mostly only recognizes notable people as saints. And it isn't the Church who decides if they become a saint; it is God. There is a required process for someone to be canonized (recognized as a saint) involving references and multiple miracles. Anyway, it is not impossible for a woman who had an abortion to become a saint. For example, perhaps a woman had an abortion, regretted it, became Catholic, and became one of the greatest pro-life speakers ever. That would most likely be worthy of canonization. No sin is too great to be forgiven if you repent. There is one fairly well known saint who attempted to rape a woman and stabbed her to death, and later repented and became a saint (along with the woman he killed).

  • Why not?

    This is unfair- a woman should not be expected to give birth to an unwanted child- especially if she was raped. The catholic church needs to change their opinion on alot of things- eg. contraception, gay marriage.
    It is a fact that mistakes happen, and if said woman has deemed herself worthy of becoming a saint- I do not see how an abortion could change this.

  • I think the Catholic Church should recognize sainthood of any regular person that does extraordinary things.

    I think that the Catholic Church recognizing the sainthood of a woman who had an abortion will only help inspire average people. The Church is already in bad standing, because of priest molestation stories. Instead of further rejecting normal people by acting better than everyone else, the Church should recognize that normal people make mistakes, and can still learn from them, while coming out on top. And, these stories can be an inspiration to other "average" people that are trying to become more religious, but feel like they have failed and can't recover.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • It depends on if she ever desired forgiveness for it.

    First, I should say a fact that many people know: In the Christian church, abortion is a grave sin, equivalent to murder, and this is something I agree on. However, it also states that anyone can be forgiven by desiring forgiveness from God, something I also agree on. So it ultimately depends on whether or not she wanted forgiveness.

  • Another Sinner Turned Saint

    St. Augustine (fornicator), St. Paul of Tarsus (persecutor of Christians, possibly a murderer), St. Peter (denied Our Lord, and other sins--depart from me, for I am a sinful man, remember?), St. Mary of Egypt (prostitute), St. Margaret of Cortona (shacked up with a man for 9 years and bore a child out of wedlock), Venerable Matthew Talbot (drunkard), Blessed Bartholomew Longo (Satanist), and I am sure many others. The above sinners repented after heinous crimes and sins, and went on to live lives of heroic sanctity. They are beacons of sublime hope for the rest of us sinners! Why not a post-abortive woman saint, in these dark times?

  • The Catholic Church views God as a loving, forgiving being.

    Catholics, as well as other believers from other branches of Christianity, believe in the forgiveness of sin, and they preach that anybody on Earth can be saved from God. So long as the woman has expressed true repent for her sin(s), and has God's forgiveness, that woman should be recognized for her sainthood if she has earned such through her good deeds in life.

  • As a Catholic, yes.

    God forgives those who sincerely repent against their sins. If this woman repented and lived life as an amazing inspiration to others, as the saints are people of inspiration to Catholics, than the fact of her abortion should not be the thing that would prevent her sainthood. However, if her life did not match the other criteria for sainthood, then that is another story. Remember, Saul (later became Paul) started out persecuting Christians. This would make him as much a murderer as the Catholic Church sees abortion.

  • A woman has every right to her body

    It does not matter if she had an abortion or not, the Bible stresses the importance of the body and its purity. A life is a life, no matter whose it is. People are killed in war all the time and the people who killed them are made saints. One life does not hold more weight than another. Just because it is a woman and she has a different body than a man, does not mean she should lose her sainthood.

  • Just as it recognizes the sainthood of persecutors

    It does not matter what grave sin a person has committed. Saul was a persecutor of Christians, he converted, repented and is now known to all as Saint Paul. The same applies to a woman who committed an abortion. If she converted, repented of her sin and confessed and went on to live a holy life then there is no reason not to recognize her sainthood, and every reason to do so.

  • No.

    The Catholic Church recognizes abortion as a very grave sin against life and nature because the weakest of all human beings, which is the fetus in the womb, is deliberately cut off from life due to the selfish purposes of the people who performed, encouraged and allowed an abortion. The Church disapproves of abortion so much that she excommunicates every person who had something to do with an abortion, even without formal declaration. A woman who happened to have an abortion, no matter how many times she prays and goes to church, will never be recognized as saint by the Catholic Church. After all, "sin" is a failure to do God's will to love and charity. Abortion is a sin because it is a failure to love an innocent little baby. The person cannot become a saint because the person failed to love especially in this aspect.

    However, if the woman regretted having an abortion and went to confession, performed acts of penance like caring for the poor, and repented of her past sins, she can still be considered a saint. Saint Margaret of Cortona was a woman who lived a life of sin, but after she repented and started doing good works towards the poor and the sick, she was canonized as a saint by the Church. Saint Augustine too was a former heretic who fathered a son at a young age, but when he repented from his sins, he became one of the most famous saints of the Catholic Church.

  • No, not at all.

    If you have killed another, how are you free of sin, or close to it? There is no way that you are "holy" if you have killed anyone, especially a defenseless human baby. The Catholic church does forgive sinners, however to recognize someone as a saint, they must be extraordinarily holy and pure. If you break one of the "bigger" of the ten commandments, you should not even be considered. No good deed can outweigh your sins. God does not believe in Karma.

  • As a Catholic, I'm going to say no.

    The Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to abortion, or any kind of induced termination of pregnancy (save cases such as the life of the mother). Though there could be an exception if the woman goes on to reject her past actions, and engage in saintly activities, then I'm sure the Catholic Church might reconsider (St. Julian killed innocent humans as well).

  • This should be 100% no.

    While I am by no means religious and I definitely am pro choice, this question is asking if a CHURCH should recognize the sainthood of a woman who has had an abortion. A church is allowed to be ignorant and be as discriminatory as they please. I don't respect it when people project their views onto other people, but I do respect the church's right to deny sainthood since sainthood is defined by the church itself.

    This is like a trick question. People cannot ask themselves "Is abortion right?" in this situation because it is already known that the catholic church thinks abortion is wrong.

  • Maybe.

    If she repented appropriately and went on to become a good person. But abortion incurs automatic excommunication.

  • Never.

    A saint isn't someone who slaughters a defenless baby. A saint wouldn't kill a gift from God.

  • Since sainthood is determined by the Catholic Church, I do not believe that the church is obligated to give that honor to a woman that violated the church's fundamental beliefs by having an abortion.

    Only the Catholic Church can decide who they honor as a saint. Bearing that in mind, I do not believe they should recognize the sainthood of a woman that has violated their fundamental beliefs by having an abortion.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • The Catholic Church is fundamentally opposed to abortion, so recognizing the sainthood of a woman who had abortion would be absurd.

    The Catholic Church believes that abortion is a mortal sin. It also believes that a Saint is a holy person who acts in accordance with the laws of God. It could never, therefore, recognize a woman who had an abortion as a Saint, as a Saint would never have an abortion under any circumstance.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93

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