• Yes, they should.

    If there's one thing we should do as Americans, it's to institute changes to remedy the 2010 census problems. The best way to do this would be to reduce the amount of years between census counts. Perhaps by half. Maybe even doing it evern 2 years would be a much better method.

  • Yes the Census Bureau should institute changes.

    Yes I feel that the Census Bureau should institute changes to remedy the 2010 census problems. If the Census Bureau does not put changes in place then it will always remain the same. Very quickly the Census Bureau will become outdated and unimportant for what it's initial purposes are to have been.

  • Yes changes need to be made to the census to ensure it is not used for political gain.

    Changes need to be made to the Census Bureau to ensure the Census is not leveraged by political partisans for their own gain. The Census is used to determine things such as districting for congressional districts, so the Census Bureau needs to be ran by a non-partisan government entity, like the GAO, instead of the Commerce department, which is controlled by the President.

  • Yes, that was a joke

    i don't that anyone would disagree with the fact that it needs change. The only issue is how do you change it? Its such an old system I don't think much can change. Its time they modernized it, that should bring the much needed changes to a point where we the people can use it effectively..

  • No, adding more changes to the census would only add more confusion.

    No, adding changes to an already flawed system would cause mass chaos. People, through repetition, will adapt to the census process and it will solve itself. Changes will just add to the confusion making the results of the census less desirable. Humans are smart and they will fix the problem them self.

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