• Bring back the Centre Party

    The Centre Party of Germany should make a comeback if they see that fascism is getting a stronger hold on Germany. They should also come back if the Catholic population of Germany is growing. Since the Centre Party is oriented towards Catholicism, this would only make sense. It would also be nice to see a Christian-centered group be powerful in Europe.

  • With More Than Just Catholic Support

    The original Centre Party in Germany had the backing of the country's large Catholic population. The Centre Party can make a comeback, but it has to cater to younger voters and get more than just the backing of Catholic parishioners. There is plenty of room for more political parties in the German system of elections.

  • No, no religious intitution should gain very much political power in a modern state.

    The Centre Party was formed around a single issue, the Kulturkampf. This was an initiative by the German government to limit the power of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. History has demonstrated that only ill will come of a religious institution gaining political power. Morality, when forced, breeds resentment against religion, corruption, and limitations on freedom. Not only does the concept defeat the original concept, the restrictions on freedom have far reaching effects on creativity and innovation. The goal of government should be to provide an environment where people can be moral, not create a moral environment.

  • The needs that originally gave rise to the Centre Party no longer apply

    One of the founding concerns of the Centre Party in Germany was the need for religious equality, Germany primarily being a Protestant state. While religious liberty is a continuing concern in many first world nations, the rift has shifted somewhat from lying between Catholicism and Protestantism to lying between secularists and religion in general. Given that, I do not believe that there is any current need for the Centre Party as it existed in the past.

  • No religious parties

    The Centre party has put up almost no numbers in elections but it emphasizes continuity to its history by sometimes referring to itself as the "oldest political party of Germany." While this may be true, this is not, on its own merit, a reason for them to still be around.

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