Should the Chicago Bears have fired general manager Phil Emery and coach Marc Trestman?

  • The Chicago Bears should have fired general manager and coach.

    The Chicago Bears should have fired general manager Phil Emery and coach Marc Trestman. With a season of 5 wins and 11 losses, clearly something is not working out well for the team. Although I usually feel that coaches sometimes have bad seasons and may just need some time to recover, it seems that Emery and Trestman have been performing poorly for some time and the Chicago Bears would benefit greatly from starting over with a completely new manager and coach.

  • Yes back to lovie

    LOVIE IS THE BOMB bring him back to blow it up
    a.K.A. To the superbowl then they will linger as a playoff team for years then end up like harbaugh and linger then one one "down year" that is still better than most other teams you fire him again then he goes to college

  • Bears Were Heading In the Wrong Direction

    From the sounds of things after the firings it appears that Marc Trestman lost the confidence of the locker room due to the way he handled certain situations over the course of the year. The Bears brass stated that they were not heading in the right direction. Everyone wants to blame Cutler but since his arrival before this year they only had one losing season. Where are you Lovie Smith?

  • Yes, they should have.

    They were both terrible and the Bears were having some of the worst seasons in recent decades. Everything was falling apart and they were terrible on both offense and defense. They team had no leadership with Cutler and the management couldn't figure out how to make it better. Hopefully they'll a better choice next time.

  • No, Chicago Bears should have kept their general manager and coach

    In my opinion Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman didn't have enough time with the team and they should not fired him together with the general manager. I believe that most of the coaches and general managers who get fired after the bad season are scape goats in the whole process.

  • Give them time

    They should not have been fired due to the fact that they were stuck with a quarterback that is eating up a majority of their cap room. They should be given the chance to show what they can do with the quarterback of their choosing and not who they were stuck with. They tried to build up the defense but without the cap room then their was not really much of a chance to help.

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