Should the 'Chinese dream' be something China should follow and believe in (yes) or should it be something to be despised (no)?

Asked by: DominikaKorunich
  • It may help

    Maybe if it gives these people a reason to do better for their country then by all means go for it. Maybe there is not anything wrong with them trying to revitalize themselves by coining new terms in a desperate attempt to raise morale for the people in order set a new direction.

  • There is still debate around exactly what this slogan means.

    Given Xi Jinping's definition of "sustainable development," then it becomes a justifiable approach to ameliorate China's current predicaments of mal-investment and over-pollution, neither of which are sustainable, and both of which are closely tied to development.

    There are also possibilities of parallels to the American Dream, which an American can hardly dismiss lest we be seen as hypocrites.

    The only possible point of contention is how Xi Jinping equates such dreaming to military ascension, which would obviously cause some problems with others in the region.

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