Should the Chinese government do more to prevent suicide on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge?

  • They need to help people to show that they have a meaning in life.

    If you help people know they have a meaning. They will grow old and life there life. Who knows what type of sucess in this new world. Who knows what inpact they will have in there countrey. This goes for eveeryone in the world not just me and the people here.

    Posted by: dds
  • Yes, the Chinese government should do more to prevent suicide.

    Yes, the fact that many suicides are happening on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge should be telling Chinese government officials that there's a big problem here that needs to be addressed immediately. The government does have a responsibility to keep its people safe, and they should take action to make this bridge safer for everyone.

  • Decline in Bridge Suicides Not on Horizon

    Population control is still a thing in China. Discouraging suicides at the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge will not be on the agenda of the Chinese government. Suicide, seen as a weakness, allows the government officials to turn a blind eye on the mental health of it's citizens and continue it's oppression of civilians.

  • Yes, in as much as you can prevent it

    Preventing suicide is a cultural maxim that every society seems to follow. The need to preserve the life of their citizens is one of the duties of government, even against the citizens themselves. The Chinese government should take steps to prevent the suicides at this hot spot for the betterment of their society, instead of relying on good Samaritans.

  • Yes, because it is now the most popular suicide site in the world

    Yes, the Chinese government have to do something to reduce the number of suicides on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. With 2000 suicides per year, it is now the most popular suicide site in the world! Which comes to no surprise when we take into account that there are 200000 suicides in China per Year, 1/5 of the number of suicide in the whole world. But Chinese government does not seem to recognize this problem, let alone do something to prevent those suicides,

  • Free Will World

    Sure, China sucks, but so does life sometimes. Suicide might not be the answer to the hardships and troubles that individuals face, but it is an option. Free will affords us choice and the opportunity to choose makes possible for options. In the free world an individual is respected and so is their right to act on a free will basis. Life is a choice, regardless of where you live.

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