Should the Christian Church allow female priests and pastors?

  • Female priests should be allowed

    When Jesus said: “Do this in commemoration of me!” The Council of Trent states that by saying this, Christ established the apostles at the meal as priests, and ordained that they and other priests should offer His body and blood. We know from the Gospels that women always took part in Jesus’ community meals. It was one way for him to express the new reality of God’s Kingdom. Moreover, everyone, including women, had to take part in the Paschal meal. The Gospels mention that “When evening came, Jesus arrived with the Twelve” (Mark 14:17), but other disciples who had done the preparation were already there. So we can be sure Jesus’ mother and the women disciples were present at the Last Supper. Therefore the women were ordained with the men as Jesus spoke to everyone at the supper – “This is my body. Eat of it ALL of you. Do this as a memorial of me! This is my blood. Drink of it ALL of you!” (Matthew 26, 26-28; 1 Corinthians 11, 23-25).

  • Woman should have the same opportunity as men.

    Did God not make humans (male and female) in his image?
    If it's so bad for a Christian church to pick and choose the laws it wants to follow, why do we have so many denominations? Also the Bible was written BY mostly men and in their scriptures do u sexist writings.
    Is it just me or are we not in the bloody 21st century, women can vote, they can become powerful business people, and they should be allowed to become priests and pastors!

  • Women are just as capable.

    I believe the Christian Church should allow female priests and pastors. They are just as capable of doing a good job as men, if not more so. It should not be a law passed by the government but should be left up to each individual congregation to accept the woman in the role. The government should stay out of religion. The Bible is more accepting of men but given the time period it was created, it is to be expected. However, times have changed and women have more rights than they did back then and I do not see why this should be any different. Like I previously stated, if a congregation is accepting of a woman being a priest or pastor, then she should be allowed to fill the role. I believe women are more sympathetic towards those in need, which is something the Bible preaches about. Also, the Bible states that woman was created from mans rib. She came from his side to be equal.

  • Yes they should.

    The days of discriminating against women need to end. There's no reason that women should be forbidden from joining the priesthood if they choose. Women should have the right to take part in stupid, iron age ritualism if they choose to. If anything it should help end sexism by bringing more respect to women.

  • Yes, the Christian Church should allow female priests.

    We have come a long way. There are now female altar people, female ordained ministers, and there should be female priests. A woman is kind, caring and sympathetic, something needed in the churches. It seems the church still keeps hold of their strict beliefs, but it is time to tear down those prehistoric ways.

  • The Word of God stands for all time.

    God has ordained the roles for both man and woman. Woman are to be submissive to man and man to be head of the household. Woman was created from the rib of man. She walks by his side. She is there to compliment him. Though they have different roles to play, both are equal in God's sight. Women can excel too in the church without being ordained as priests.
    I love my womanly role in church !

  • Jesus IS THE WORD

    The word of God is infallable and full authority. Since creation in the book of Genesis The man was the head,PAUL said Christ is the head of the Church and Man is the head of the woman. So is God Discriminating? Absolutely not thats God`s Divine order and thats how God wants it to be and who are we to change God`s Word? Leave politics for the politician and let God`s Word speak to his people.

  • Christ is Not Discriminatory

    If you think discrimination is the issue, you're wrong. God and Christ are NOT discriminatory EVER. Isn't that one of the whole points of religion- to follow their perfect example? So if you believe in Christ, you would also believe he would NEVER institute a principle that is demeaning or discriminatory towards anyone. He knows all things and he knows how all things are best. And we each have our roles and we do what we can to be the best we can be according to those roles. Let's just all be disciples of Christ. Don't worry about stuff, if He decides society is ready for Women to have the priesthood, then follow Him. For now, He hasn't. Maybe He will, maybe He won't. Just keep the commandments and do what the most loving being in the universe would have you do.

  • No, not if they are following the Bible.

    The nature of the Bible is very sexist (to the point of even portraying the deity as masculine), much to the dismay of present-day females. A religion that ignores its own literary text can not possibly hold any weight in any discussion.

    1 Cor 14:34 -- Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.

    For a Christian church to pick and choose the laws it wants to follow is extremely harmful to its credibility, and the credibility of the entire Bible.

  • It is up to that religion!

    I am a woman, and I believe in women's rights. There is a reason there is separation of church and state. The government should not get involved in religion. Religion should not effect the government. If we allow the government to interfere with religion, it will invite the government to invade our private lives more.

  • Why do people get to control a religion?

    In my opinion, you should let the religion do what they want. If the church does not want women priests, why should we force them to? There is not a "vote" in a church. The Pope will do what he wants. I feel that this question is just like the nuts thinking this new priest will allow gay marriage. I am not even Christian, I'm Jewish and I feel I have more of a basic understanding of Christianity than you. And if the government steps in and makes a law about a church, that will infringe on the first amendment.

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