Should the Christian Coalition expand (yes) or contract (no)?

  • They are a good watchdog.

    Yes, the Christian Coalition should expand, because there are so few organizations that really speak towards the interests of Christians. The vast majority of people in the United States are still Christian, but you wouldn't think it to listen to the media. The Christian Coalition stands up to these people and speaks for the interests of Christians.

  • The Cristian Coalition should minimize their efforts.

    The Christian Coalition says they are doing things in the name of God, but they seem to do more harm than good. They are different than other radical religious groups in the fact that they usually only use their words but words can be harmful to some people and in some situations. This group does not take into count other people's beliefs or opinions.

  • They are big enough

    I personally do not think that the Christian Coalition does a whole lot of good politically in the world. It seems that their main issues do not really go along with Christian teachings that help the poor and teach not to judge. I think that they need to contact or change.

  • The Christian Coalition should contract.

    The Christian Coalition should contract. The Christian Coalition is already way too powerful then it needs to be and we do not need them getting any bigger than what they already are. They are for the most part a good organization for the Christian faith but that is it. They should not be any bigger.

  • No, we've got enough fundamentalist Christians.

    The Christian churches are exerting way too much power over the politics of the United States, so the last thing the people need is a bigger Christian Coalition. Individual churches should use their votes like everyone else does, and the message should be a more progressive, inclusive one so as to align with the true teaching of Jesus which was compassion.

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