Should the Christian Coalition form its own political party and eschew the Republicans?

  • The Christian Coalition should go its own way and form its own political party.

    The current state of affairs in the Republican party is no longer useful to either the nation or the party in terms of providing effective leadership. This is because the party itself is no longer clear about what it represents. The Christian Coalition is neither fiscally conservative or dedicated to the preservation of freedom, including freedom of religion, except for those people who are fundamentalists and believe the word of God,as they interpret it, should be the only guiding principle. Those who believe that should present a pure view of their ideals within their own party so that national debate on just those ideals can occur. Then the rest of us can get back to trying to run a free, economically sound nation for all its citizens.

  • The Christian Coalition's agenda is not enough in line with the Republicans

    In order for the Christian Coalition to impart its entire agenda, it must first disassociate itself from the Republican party which does not entirely embody and support the agenda and ideals of the Christian Coalition. The Christian Coalition has a large enough member base to survive a split with the republican party.

  • Anything from the outside

    At this point any new party would be a good party. There are two parties today that people take seriously, and if the about a fifth to a quarter of the population that is evangelical voted for another party, the Republicans would probably sway more left socially, drawing a lot of people from the Democrats to even things out.

  • Takes Votes Away from Republicans

    The Christian Coalition should form its own political party because it will take votes away from the GOP and give more elections to Democrats. There is nothing wrong with a religion-based political party in the United States. A strong third party is always welcome. Since many mainstream Republicans seem to disappoint the far-right Christians, there is nothing stopping them from forming another political party.

  • We Need More Viable Parties

    I believe the Christian Coalition should form its own political party, but I don't think they should seek to eliminate or overtake the Republicans. I think we would be far better off if we were afforded more options when it came time to vote because the two-party system has left us with two bad choices many times.

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