Should the Christian Coalition have its own candidates for publicly-elected offices?

  • The Christian Coalition is free to have its own candidates for publicly elected offices.

    The Christian Coalition is free to have its own candidates for publicly elected offices.In America multible political views should be honored and that even includes the Christian Coalition even if their views are somewhat unpopular in the general public.They just need to see if they can win in a regular election.

  • Yes, they should be allowed.

    America is a country giving us freedom of religion and freedom to vote. While I may disagree with the views of a certain group, they have as much right to have their own candidates seek election to public offices as anyone else. We are free to vote or not to vote for them.

  • Eschew the GOP

    If the Christian Coalition doesn't like mainstream Republican candidates, then they should eschew the GOP and put their own candidates up for election. Far-right conservatives who base their ideologies on the Christian religion have the right to form their own party for the purposes of having candidates in place for elected office. It takes some doing for that to happen, but it is possible.

  • No religious need

    The Christian Coalition does not need its own candidate, of course, because they are a religious organization that does not need to further its own religious agenda. If an organization tries to simply forward a religious agenda and gains ground than people are set for a dangerous precedent for the future.

  • No, definitely not.

    No, the Christian Coalition should definitely not have it's own candidates for office in the United States. We should never have cases where a person runs in a religiously identified party in this country. I believe that every facet of government should be secular. If they want to tell people their personal religion, that is fine, but I believe it would be wrong to form a religious party.

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