Should the church and other religious bodies be counted as private companies by government?

Asked by: MikeGoldenstar
  • Churches should in my opinion

    Be counted as private companies on in all regards. It isn't to say that there cannot be any religious buildings, but they should be payed by it's members and not be given any special subsidy that any other company or corporation would get.

    And just so anyone know, I am a Dane, so your countries laws and such might differ from mine on this and many subject matters, but this pole is just to see what anyone from any country thinks of it as a whole.

  • Maybe not a private company, but as something completely separate to government

    The presence of religion in modern and pre-modern society has hindered the progression of man kind immensely. If these religions want to practice and preach, they can do so freely but I believe in most states it should be declared in the constitution (or what ever your country has) that religion can not break any civilian laws and implement specific actions organised religion can and cannot do. In Ireland, recent building excavation revealed shallow graves with strange circumstances of death which lead to direct connection of the catholic church. These deaths were of young/single mothers their children with causes like starvation, undernourishment and experimentation. This later revealed several illegal processes between the government and the Catholic church in turning a blind eye to these events! Religious influence in a country is wrong and leads to corruption! It should definitely be treated in a manner like private industry: separate from the government with special rules in place to prevent influence on the state.

  • The power to tax is the power to destroy.

    By taxing, the government would be empowered to shut down churches who cannot pay = a violation of 1st Amendment rights (Free Exercise Clause)

    Tax exemptions are not subsidies.

    The laws in the Internal Revenue Code [501 (c)(3)]
    seem adequate to keep churches from spending money endorsing political candidates.

    Separate finances is a good way to practice separation of Church and state.

  • The church is a non-profit group.

    Private company doesn't even begin to successfully define what the church is. Sure, Bibles R Us is a private company... But religious organizations and churches aren't.

    They are non-profit, donation based, and charity groups. They do not exist to make money... They are not an extension of their CEOs estate (which is what a company is.) They are no more a private company than a civil rights group or a soup kitchen.

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