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Posted by: osei

That's complete Discrimination!

  Really People? This means whatever the church is it can be taxed. Many churches fail to make a profit and many give so much to help the sick and poor. Does that also mean then that any place that someone worships they then are taxed? What is a church? Is it a building where people gather? What if they gather in a persons home? Is it still taxed then? This idea should not and would never happen...
WaterTipper says2014-03-30T05:27:12.977
"Many churches fail to make a profit and many give so much to help the sick and poor."
You'll be surprised to learn that only one-third of all donations to churches go to helping the poor.

Church: "A building used for public Christian worship" (OED)
It's not rocket science. >.>
discomfiting says2014-03-30T05:40:06.993
Is that why catholic churchs and such make multimillions?
WaterTipper says2014-03-30T05:50:26.957
neutral says2014-03-30T08:39:21.347
How do you think they make money? Do charge for a service?

Or do they accept donations? Like EVERY OTHER non-profit that gets similar tax relief.

Let me know when the organization you create gets a billion people to donate money to it. Let me know when that donation money goes primarily toward chartable acts.
Cyber628 says2016-04-29T17:32:15.957
You seem to not know this but when you have a person's home there's a thing called property tax. You have tax on property... So your giving the church money by not taxing their property. That's taxes work...
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