• Yes they should

    If Christianity is not true, then definitinly or not. If churches paíd their taxes, taxes in the US could be cut by 10% and that would be 20 bilion dollars more to the people of US. That sort of money could change the world.

    And so should any other religious organsation anywhere in the world.

  • Yes they should.

    By not taxing religious organizations, (and having specific exemptions for religion), the government is showing preference. This is a violation of church and state, and the church should be treated as equal in the eyes of the state.

    Unlike non-profit organizations, church books are closed to the public and the government. The community has no say in how the church spends their money, or knowledge of how much is made or where it may be going.

    Evidence can be provided of routine abuse from wealth gathered off of the tax-rolls, and out of the public eye.

    Every dollar that the church doesn't pay in taxes is made up for by the people. Atheists, infidels, and non-believers alike all compensate the debt left in the wake of religious exemption.

    Religious affiliations can and have used their money to influence politics, obtain power in media, and leverage control for education in public schools. This is a fundamental violation of the purpose for the separation of church and state, and is incredibly intrusive and disadvantageous to any competing factors.

    All this without even discussing the disingenuous and deceitful nature of false statistics and inflated numbers to support the continued wealth religions amass.

    Bring the church on an even playing field with other organizations and prevent them from receiving special treatment.

  • They're structured like businesses.

    The Catholic church for example, is structured like a multinational cooperation; and that is because that's exactly what it is. If the churches want to ignore the separation of church & state and try to dictate government laws such as same-sex marriage, they should be obligated to pay taxes just like the rest of us.

  • The church just receiving not giving.

    It receives a lot of donations from people, but in turn it does not really contribute to the community practically. Taxing the church would allow us the government to collect more than billions of dollars that can be used to help many poor people. But of course, the priests want all the money all by themselves. What a selfish attitude! Even interfering with the state, violatating the separation of church and state.

  • Yes, of course

    It's outrageous that churches aren't taxed in the U.S. The hell, separation of church and state?
    Also, the U.S. Catholic Church brings in 170 BILLION dollars in revenue annually. That's up to par with big name companies like Apple and General Motors.
    Not to mention that many pastors rake in salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, with some living in multi-millionaire mansions.

    “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”
    - Napoleon Bonaparte

  • As long as churches behave charitably my view is that they should not be taxed, but . . .

    My personal view, which is NOT divinely sanctioned and is exclusively personal is that churches should be taxed if they cannot demonstrate charitable intent and a charitable history for the financial year that they would be taxed by the IRS. My reason for this is that it would cut down on crooked churches that only exist to take people's money and that don't contribute anything back to the community (or to needy causes around the world). As long as churches can demonstrate a history of charity for a specified year, the IRS should not tax them for that fiscal year!

  • It is only fair.

    Churches should be taxed. It isn't discrimination. After all taxing the thousands of churches across any country will bring a good revenue to the said country. It isn't discrimination like you all believe. I am taxed, does that mean that they are discriminating against my race or my Atheism? No, they do it because its how they get money to continue operating.

  • If politically affiliated.

    The separation of church and state, in a way, makes churches and religious buildings their own country. The first amendment separates them from influence to laws and denies laws from influencing them, just like if they were another country. They also do not pay taxes to our state or federal government, just like other countries. More and more, religions have become more involved with politics, trying to influence laws by use of lobbyists and other means. If they wish to try to influence laws and break the separation, then they should have to pay taxes. Seeing that laws and the enforcement of them are funded by tax payer money, an organization the could gain from those laws should pay taxes. Either that or they should keep their hands out of politics.

  • Churches must be taxed

    There is no reason to not tax a church like we tax all other institutions! Giving churches tax evasion is favoring them breaking the first amendment which states that "Congress will make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Clearly not taxing churches is ridiculous and easy very easy to exploit such as cases like the church of Scientology.

  • Taxation for repesentation

    Religion and politics are the two worst evils in the world today. Both have done nothing but further separate people, creating a modern day caste system ... The complete opposite of what those institutions claim they support. Religion has always been politically motivated and now use their clout and money to back candidates and pay lobyists to crwate and change laws in their favor. All political activity warrants taxation, as does monetary and social support of any political issue. Add to this the evangelical parishioners who give money for their pastors' material gains such as lavish homes and planes....All which is not taxed... And it's easy to see that there is a festering inequality that needs to be addressed.

  • Do you like discrimination?

    The tax code is written specifically for ANY organization meeting certain criteria to be a tax free enterprise as non-profit organizations. Many of the fledgling atheist organization are taking advantage of the same processes, as are many charitable and other not-for-profit organizations. If the only reason you would deny this status is for religious organizations - welcome to bigotry.

    You'll have a dandy of a time convincing anyone that such a selective exclusion should apply ONLY to religious organizations because of .. Agh, accusations of deceit? Its a process that would never survive a court challenge and a complete waste of time. It's just one more thing that a growing militancy in atheism has managed to get wrong.

    And remember atheists, the more you attack thing under false pretenses and exclusionary standards, the more you invite a response. Eventually, there will be push back.

  • That's complete Discrimination!

    Really People? This means whatever the church is it can be taxed. Many churches fail to make a profit and many give so much to help the sick and poor. Does that also mean then that any place that someone worships they then are taxed?

    What is a church? Is it a building where people gather? What if they gather in a persons home? Is it still taxed then? This idea should not and would never happen...

  • Churches are charities

    They provide tonnes of support from their earnings that they use to help sick and dying people throughout the world. This should not be taxed any more than any other charity should be taxed. I mean, do you seriously want the little African kids to die from lack of clean water???

  • The church as a place of worship

    The church is a place of worship and not a business company. As to what i know, taxes are for business companies. The money earned at the church is used to help the poor and also spread the word for all people to hear and so was the command of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some churches even get less money from their congregation, and the government were to task them, the church would always be in debt.

    Posted by: osei
  • The church is spiritually helping us all

    The church as we all know teaches us/preaches us words of God. So we shouldn't also tax them because they are non-profit organizations. Also the church and the state is separated so it shouldn't pay. Also, Their money is from the people, Not from the government so it's unfair for us all

  • Separation of Church and State.

    If we want to maintain separation of church and state, They cannot be taxed. That keeps them separate from the government and vice versa.

    As was once said "Chief Justice John Marshall stated back in 1819, "the power to tax involves the power to destroy. " Keeping churches tax exempt removes the temptation from government to interfere with the free exercise of religion"

  • How do you tax god?

    Churches give so much to the people. They feed people and clothe them. People that say we need to tax churches are not dumb like I saw above, They are just uninformed. Does it make sense? Why would we? Would you tax your mother? Like I said before. How do you tax god? How to you tax faith?

  • Non Profits Organizations Need Help

    In the current struggling times of the Church, we see that taxing a non-profit organization is only going to lead to its harm. Because the Church and other religious organizations, even atheist ones, are non-profits, they are exempt from taxes. Suggesting that having views on social issues can make an organization able to pay taxes when its main goal is not to make money. Due to this, its organization is not for the purpose of making a profit. As a result, it is morally irresponsible tax the Church, based upon the fact that this would mean that taxing a non-profit would be considered okay based upon its views as a religious organization.

  • Lutheran churches maybe, lol

    OK I'm kidding. No freedom of religion. Religious institutions help the poor and the sick. They should not have to abide by gov't regulations. Now if the church is being corrupt, and even then I don't recommend it, then maybe we can talk about gov't intervention, otherwise, no intervention please

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