Should the church have a say in the ethical issues of a private individual?

  • It's the church's job.

    Yes, the church should have a say in the ethical issues of a private individual, because that is what the church is supposed to do. Half the point of church is to give us instruction as to how we are supposed to live our lives. We need to allow the church to do its job.

  • Well.... Maybe, maybe not

    I think this really depends on a variable or two. Is this individual a member of the church? If so then yes. The bible clearly states that if a follower of Christ, a member of the church errs, then they should interfere. But not in a mean, uncouth way. It states clearly that there is a right way to do it. Keep in mind that I am referring to a MEMBER OF THE CHURCH, and no one else. If there is a situation of someone who is not a memeber, then it's up in the air

  • I'm not entirely sure what is meant by that

    The "body of Christ" should be allowed to share their ethical ideas with you, and you should be open minded about it. The Bible encourages "fellowship" so that we may learn from one another , straighten out misconceptions, and build upon our knowledge as best as we logically can. The church is the Chirstians of the world, which should encourage us to think about our beliefs.

  • No interference in private lives

    Churches should remain neutral on the moral decisions of individuals, even with its own members, unless their members are doing anything that unjustifiably harms other people. I've heard from friends who belong to a church instances where two people meet and move in together without getting married first, and their church leaders disapprove of that. It's none of our business to tell other people how to live their lives.

  • No, the Church should stay away from the private people.

    No, the Church has no right to interfere with what the people are doing in their private lives. What the Church should be focusing on is working to help the poor and staying out of social issues that don't involve just that. People can do what they please and will only be judged by God in the end.

  • The church should have no say in individual ethics

    Private individuals should be allowed to make their own ethical judgments. While someone who attends a specific church is likely to hold similar ethical ideals to others attending the same church, it should be completely up to the private individual to make their own decisions. The church should have no direct power within an individuals life choices.

  • No, the Church holds power over it's members!

    The Church can lay out what it thinks the answer to these issues are, but ultimately it is up to the individuals to decide whether or not to follow the Church's doctrine. If the Church condemns homosexuality, than it's members can decide whether to follow or not. Non-members can take their condemnation with a grain of salt. It's the Church's right to tell people who aren't a part of the Church what to do, but it's also the right of the individual to ignore the Church's demands.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the church should have a say in the ethical issues of a private individual. I think churches are too pushy when it comes to peoples private matters. This is one of the reasons I left the Christian community and haven't been back. There are too many people in church who lack the understanding of their religion and couldn't follow the tenets if they tried.

  • No such thing as ethics.

    There is no such thing as ethics. What we call ethics is really something else mislabeled. In addition, the entire field of ethics, whether it's those approaching the topic from a religious or secular perspective, is filled with self serving hypocrisy. So called moral discourse is a joke. Therefore, neither the 'church', whatever that means, nor anyone else, religous or secular has anything meaningful to say about the 'ethical issues of a private individual'.

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abyteofbrain says2014-03-13T19:09:24.843
I'm seeing a ton of word confusion.
00r3d says2014-03-13T23:17:57.547
I guess we should define what a 'say' is, and the weight that is applied to it. A voicable opinion, yes, the final say, hmmm, no.