• We Need God!!!

    Key word here is INFLUENCE. It didn't say dominate, control, etc. This country needs to continue to stay One Nation Under God. We can't live without Jesus, and trying to do so is what's making us corrupt now. We need Bibles back in schools and more people attending church. Josephus was a philosopher who actually wrote accounts about Jesus, so there is historical evidence he was here! How can you people be so closed minded as to sit there and deny his existence when he is the reason you were given life?

  • Guided with morality, the Church should partially influence the state.

    With respect to the separation of church and state, I believe that the former must influence the latter in its decisions involving morality issues. Church should be part on discussions about death penalty, abortion, and others, because those issues involve life. The state cannot be all knowing that it would disregard other institutions that serve as buffer against any abuses. I am not saying however, that the church should make the decision, but it should be allowed to influence the state.

  • Church and State will never work together. Simply, there are too many.

    Seeing as (if we are talking about the United States) we are one large melting pot of all religious backgrounds and beliefs, which church exactly would take control? The obvious answer would be the majority, which is Christianity. Let's look at what effects this will have on the Nation. Anger would be the number one reaction. The Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, antagonist, and atheist communities would be outraged that such an action would take place. They will never accept the fact that a religious system not of there own was going to be forced upon them. Also seeing as it is against the Constitution of America (freedom of religious beliefs and practices) it is unlawful and will not be able to in that stance. The law and a good amount of the united states would be against such an idea and not stand for it.

  • In all due reality, we cant

    It just would be unjust to all those who don't want to be influenced by a church , i' am not atheist, i believe in God; but church+govt+politics is something that could really mess us up even more, i believe that a church can as any other group state their voice and give their advice just as anybody else, but no they should not be an influence upon decisions that ought to be left to the govt, sometimes church's have really great ideas, but influence leads to control, and we already have enough influences around us , religion is good, like many other things, but to an extent in its own area, just like anything else, important.

  • Need I explain my stance.

    I don't understand how even a rational religious person (If there is such thing) could agree with this. There is absolutely no need for the church to influence the state. I mean WHY???? Of course this religion would have to be the one you follow. Do you actually just want to assert your dominance over those pesky inferiors? I think the other no arguments have summed up most of my views already.

  • Good grief, no.

    The founders of our nation went out of their WAY to keep the church and the state separate. It was not, as many Christians like to claim, to protect the church alone. They saw what could and did happen in Europe when the church dictated state matters- things like the Inquisition and the witch trials.
    Our nation was formed as a secular democratic republic for a reason. And the only way to maintain a freedom of religion for all is to ensure that NO religion is endorsed or established by the government. This means not allowing the church to influence state matters- if we do so, then we have on religion dictating its beliefs onto the entire populace regardless of whether or not they follow that religion themselves, negating their first Amendment rights.

  • Well, Obviously, no.

    While I may be an atheist, I would agree to this even if I were a die hard creationist. The reason being is that religious freedom was what this country was founded on, not Christianity. If we allow religion to influence the state or the state to influence religion, you have two bad possibilities. One is that a bad religion which (though not all are) as many extremists such as Islam can easily take over the government even with the meaning of doing a peaceful thing, we see many modern theocracies in a state of tyrannical leadership and ruling. Second is the government take over of religion. If the government turns out to be more like Communism than a Democracy in the future, freedom of religion better be instilled in our traditions or we will have the equivalent of Stalin upon us.

  • Protection from theocracy.

    The constitutional division between church and state is in place as a protection to our democratic freedom. It protects US citizens in general by preventing the government from ever becoming a tyrannical theocracy, as well as protecting people of religious minorities by insuring that people of ALL religions (or lack thereof) are treated equally and not just the ones that happen to be in the majority.

  • No. No. NO!

    It never worked; it never will. The separation of Church and State must be kept different. Even the founding fathers knew this! If the Church and State combine; they will be instant pandemonium and uproar, combined with a strong sense of discrimination and racism. Also religious bullying. I guarantee it.

  • Repeating Failed History

    Setting aside the obvious fact that there is no one widely agreed upon definition of spirituality, I think that it would be very corrupt to uphold one set of religious dogma above all others. The United States was founded by leaders who believed in disestablishmentarianism. It would be quite regressive of us to let religion dictate law once again.

  • Separation of Church and State

    The state should accept and recognize all religion and not question someones faith. The role in society has changed and religion shouldn't have a role in public debate. It is someones personal decision and no one should be punished for their personal beliefs. We are in a paradigm shift that questions everything, but why question faith?

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