Should the CIA have a chance to choose life or death for someone that doesn't live in America?

  • Depending Upon U.S. Interests

    The CIA, often covertly, protects U.S. interests abroad with spies and subterfuge. The CIA chooses who lives and dies on a daily basis because sometimes there are people who want to kill Americans or try to undermine our interests. The CIA should have a chance to kill someone if the need arose.

  • If they want to kill us.

    Yes, the CIA should have the chance to choose life or death if someone doesn't live in America, because we should have a right to choose to take out an enemy combatant before they kill us. The tough reality is that people want to hurt Americans. Our government has the right to defend its own people.

  • No they should not

    Perhaps the CIA should not have the chance to choose life or death for anyone, let alone someone that does not live in America. But at the very least, they should try to stay out of foreign affairs so as to avoid starting any type of wars or creating static with other countries.

  • CIA Does Not Control The World

    In my opinion, the CIA should definitely not be able to choose life or death for someone that doesnt live in America. Anything that happens outside of the country should be kept there. The US government, CIA, or FBI should not interfere unless they are affecting the country somehow. There should be laws about freedom in other countries for those citizens.

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