• Provides no benefits whatsoever

    Smoking provides no benefits whatsoever. Including thousands of deadly toxins, Smoking can lead to lung cancer, Liver cancer and other multiple unhealthy conditions. All of the people I know, That smoke daily. All have regrets and inform our family, Including me to never smoke. A lot of them wish they never started in the first place. So why aren't they banned?

  • Smoking has ruined peoples hope of a good life

    You see all the commercials to quit smoking, But what if it doesn't work? If we criminalize it, We might actually not need those commercials, & we might save ourselves from further pollution. There have been divorces over smoking problems. For what? People just want to smoke just to look cool.

  • Smoking is bad for a person's health.

    I would like to bring to your attention that smoking has killed more Americans than all the wars fought by America. So if I'd be forced to give a choice, I'd rather choose to have another World War than letting the cigarette trade go on. As a result, This motion should and must stand. (That's to hit 50 words).

  • Of course not

    Before i elaborate upon my views, Its important to set certain axioms, Which I think the opposition reading this agrees with

    1. Smoking is bad for you
    2. Smoking (nicotine) is extremely addictive, Practically intensifying the bad effects

    My defense relies around the concept of responsibility, And exchange of mutual benefit.

    If 2 parties, Or more, Participate in a consensual transaction, They both get out of that transaction, Better off than they went it

    I understand that its important to value well being and health, However, You would need to justify the initiation of force by prohibiting cigarettes, And punishing those who go against the law.

    People make their own decision, If their decision, Is not one which consists of deliberately hurting another person without their consent, Then let them make the decision

    Yes, People make bad choices, And yes people should therefore suffer the consequences of those choices

  • Smoking is good for you; second hand smoke is a lie.

    Smoking isnt actually good for you. Quite terrible actually, But it's besides the point which is that knowledgeable adults should be able to make their own decisions when they aren't directly harming one another. Which is why it is a good thing smoking is banned in restaurants, Other public spaces, Etc. No nanny state, Says I!
    P. S. Nicotine is also good for your brain and second hand smoke dangers are highly exaggerated

  • Replace "cigarette" with "alcohol"

    Everyone's talking about how smoking is bad for health. That's obvious.
    But so is alcohol. It is addictive and damages your health just like cigarettes. Would you ban alcohol trade? (Traumatic flashbacks of Prohibition) No, Duh.
    Banning a widely popular drug will only increase disrespect of the law. During Prohibition, Speakeasies flourished, And the alcohol sold there were even more dangerous because of additives like paint. Banning cigarettes will cause bootlegged more dangerous versions to be smuggled.
    We also have to remember the economy. Tobacco is an integral part of China, India, Brazil and the U. S. Banning it will ultimately lead to companies closing, Jobs lost, Government tax income reduced.
    Sure, Cigarettes are addictive, Dangerous drugs. But banning its trade would only worsen the problem. (Opioid epidemic anyone? Cut with sawdust? ) We need intervention programs and specific taxes on cigarettes that discourage its use more than outright banning it.

  • Smoking is bad and only people who are not smart do it

    Smoking is dangerous and is the choice of the person If they want to die let them. Survival of the fittest and people who choose to smoke are stupid and should be removed from society, They are only using resources that can be given to someone that is much more deserving

  • Smoking is Terrible for Health, But Criminalizing It Won't Help

    The problem with banning the trade of cigarettes is that it restricts the legality but not the supply nor demand. This was shown not to work for the War on Drugs in the United States, Although drugs were funneled into predominantly black neighborhoods in that case.
    In order to restrict the supply without increasing the demand, Fewer cigarettes should be manufactured, And more programs to counter addiction should be set in place. In order to restrict the demand, Poorer youth who are more vulnerable to advertising from cigarette companies should receive more honest advertising and have rehabilitation programs for all kinds of drug addictions.

  • Smoking is bad but is my choice!

    As long as I don't bother anyone while smoking then what is the problem? I work from home, I smoke at home, I bother nobody. So leave it be, It helps with the stress from work. What, Should I drop it and choose alcohol and ruin my life? A cigarette is nothing in comparison.

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