Should the Cincinnati Reds trade Aroldis Chapman now that he is injured?

  • If its broke dont fix it

    He should get traded because hes a really good player and if he comes back too soon he will get hurt again. They have a small window to win the world series and an injured player will not help the cause. Trade him for help this season or cut him.

  • Let him heal.

    No, the Cincinnati Reds should not trade Aroldis Chapman now that he is injured, because people do not often lose a great deal of skill in baseball when they sit out. It is not like track or basketball, where a person can lose physical condition and be terrible overnight. Aroldis will heal and be just fine.

  • It'll be a tough trade

    For the Cincinnati Reds to trade Aroldis Chapman now that he's injured would be a very tough trade to pull off. The value for an injured player is greatly less than when he's performing at regular capacity, so the Reds will be very likely to get nothing in return for in actuality, a very talented player. When healthy.

  • Name of the Game

    I suppose trading a player while they're injured would be a good move for the Cincinnati Reds, but it's unlikely they would come out on top in such a trade. Trading while a player is injured is a good way to get a player that is less consistent overall. I don't think this would be a great move for the Reds.

  • Have some loyalty

    Granted, major league baseball is a business. That does not mean owners and general managers can't show some kind of loyalty to their top prospects. Aroldis Chapman throws a 100 gazillion miles an hour. I know I would not trade someone who throws so hard and has pretty good control. Hopefully, when he recovers he will still have the same velocity.

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