• The Government Wants Internet Control

    CISA is just one of the many attempts by the federal government to pass more stringent Internet controls. It has nothing to do with safety for the people, but rather security for the status quo, banks and powers that be. A free Internet is the best tool the people have for representation.

  • CISA presents substantial privacy concerns to regular citizens, especially if it is abused.

    CISA, even if used properly, presents very substantial privacy concerns to the regular citizens in America. However, what is more disconcerting is the possibility of abuse by those in power of the CISA amendments. Law enforcement, government officials, and other individuals in power would literally be given access to the private lives of American citizens. If abused, the CISA bill could very well remove all privacy between citizens and then government.

  • Budget is too important to veto due to CISA

    The CISA amendment being lumped in with the omnibus budget bill absolutely raises concerns. The budget bill is too important NOT to pass, which ensures that the CISA amendment, with its questionable approach to privacy, will also pass. The bill and the amendment don't seem legally related enough to be put under one vote.

  • There are privacy concerns

    Anytime government 'encourages' actors in the economy to share the private data of American citizens red flags should go up. What kind of data? When, for how long, and why? Assuming the data is needed because guilt of some kind is assumed against a citizen, once that guilt is dispersed, what becomes of that data? Here is an individual cleared of wrongdoing with yet ANOTHER data print floating around in the ether. Impinging on a citizen's US constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech seems another very likely consequence.

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