Should the citizens of a prosperous and secure world decline to fear synarchism and hidden rule?

  • Yes, they should fear hidden figures

    You can't say that somebody has got their hands in the pot, outside of the view of the general public. The fact is big business or a radical political group, somebody is going to get hold of someone and change the way things are governed. It is safe to say nothing is perfect even if it seems so,

  • Citizens should not fear

    Citizens from a prosperous and secure world do not need to fear synarchism and hidden rule. This is because the nations can protect themselves from this type of political system and do not need to worry about it spreading. Synarchism is not widely believed in and is not a threat to other nations.

  • We the people

    Yes, I think that the people of a nation have a right to step up and stop their government if they think that they are not being represented in a way that they think is how they should be represented. They should be able to rise up and put a stop to things.

  • No, not at all.

    No one would have to decline a fear of anything. If there is a synarchism and hidden rule, it is legit to be afraid of it. When you give such a small amount of people a power of that vastness, everything prosperous and secure could fail at any given moment.

  • There are warning signs.

    No, the citizens of a prosperous and secure world should not decline to fear synarchism and hidden rule, because there are warning signs that some of this hidden rule exists. There are organizations that are said to exist within fraternities and elite universities and within the G-20 that make us wonder how free we really are.

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