Should the citizens of America continue to have rights to have guns?

Asked by: alyssa11
  • Yes, Because of the 2nd Amendment

    We here in America have some things called the Amendments, which basically state that the government can't restrict the rights protected by them. This is unlike European countries, whose governments give and take away rights on a whim. If the 2nd Amendment was to be changed or removed, whose to say that the 1st or 5th might be next? Another thing is that criminals will not obey gun laws, and will continue to get weapons illegally. Stripping law-abiding citizens of their means of protection will only make the problem worst. Anyone who says that guns are too dangerous for people to own has obviously never held a gun before, as being responsible with one is not hard.

    Posted by: ixi
  • Yes they should

    A lot of the problems arise from failed FBI background checks which should prevent most of the popularized mass shootings from occurring. So if this issue was fixed, these people would revert to illegal ways of obtaining a firearm, which can occur in any country. Illegal purchasing of firearms is a major problem in Chicago.

  • Yes they should.

    The righteous American people are entitled to have the right to protect themselves from the dangers of crime, or the untrustworthy government. I believe that we should take safe measures to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, but overall, yes they should have that right to have guns.

  • Every person has the right to protect themselves.

    Guns are not just tools for murder but are a means of protection. Firearms stop all sorts of crimes from happening every day from robberies to rapes. Many stories of guns saving lives are not really told since the mere presence of a firearm is enough to stop a criminal in his tracks. Yes, people do bad things with firearms but good people can stop them like the heroes Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff from Sutherland Springs. That gunman was planning on attacking multiple locations but was stopped by these men. Banning guns may prevent some shootings, but the ones that do happen will be worse since no one will have a gun to shoot back. Officers will never be able to respond to a call faster than an armed citizen at the scene. Guns don't kill people...People kill people.

    Here's a link to a popular video about gun control that I highly recommend:

  • Guns are necessary!!!

    Guns are important in our protection and safety. Taking guns from innocent citizens will help nothing. Quite frankly, bad guys generally acquire their guns illegally anyways. Putting a ban on guns really will only prevent a person from defending themselves from those who have illegal guns and WILL HARM YOU.

  • It causes more killing!!

    I don't completely say no it is just that guns were meant for killing and they should not be open to citizens. I also say yes because they protect. But without guns aloud to citizens we could prevent shootings. I say yes and no but just because we are aloud to carry weapons doesn't mean we can go and kill others.

  • Should be more refined and controlled

    Now a days anyone can get a gun and that’s not ok for the wa kid out there who’s only intention is to hurt others yea I get it we have the second amendment but that’s all people think about when school shootings happen they don’t think about the inocent people that have lost their lives to a gun and if you do have a gun lock It up because it seems like these parents just leave the guns on the table for the kids to grab by choice.

  • An innocent life or Gun control?

    Would you really choose to have the citizens of your "HOME" have guns? Or Would you say no to that and save the lives of the innocent. We don't know what's ahead and when its our time but knowing the people around you, are not gonna shoot you is a better feeling. Would you choose to save the life or a citizen or let your citizens (neighbors) have guns?

  • They should be more refined

    If guns were less accessible we would see less minors committed gun crime. I do not think that guns should be completely banned outright due to the cultural values associated with guns. However more should be done to restrict those that really should not be using firearms from ever accessing them in the first place.

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