Should the citizens of Cyprus end their dispute and unite to form one government?

  • Enough Fighting Already

    Cyprus can take a cue from Israel and Palestine as to how conflicts can happen over thousands of years. Cypriots should learn to get along and coexist, even though Greece and Turkey fight over the island nation all the time. Traditionally, Cyprus was held by Greeks. Then Turkey got aggressive and got a northern portion of the island. Essentially, Cyprus is currently like Berlin during the Cold War. Hopefully, both sides will learn to get along eventually.

  • Let the Cypriotes unite.

    The citizens of Cyprus should end their dispute and unite to form one government. Since this part of the world is rife with troubles, it would be well-advised for the citizens to unite. Both parties simply have some opposing ideals on how to function. If they put their heads together they could come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • It is a senseless conflict.

    Yes, the citizens of Cyprus should end their dispute and unite to form one government, because the island cannot do anything productive while they are constantly in conflict. Cyprus is a small place. Divided, they are subject to other nations who want to come in and control the territory. They are much stronger united and need to work on a peace plan.

  • So should all

    The people of Cyprus should set aside all of their differences to form one unity government because partisanship should be attempted to be done away with. The world could get far more done if people gave up slight amounts of what they want in order to work on things they really need.

  • It will settle

    They should not be rushed to settle the dispute now, but instead need to wait and let the issue resolve in time. You do not want to rush things and hurry and form a one government, when there is still tension between the two sides, it will cause more trouble.

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