Should the Citizens United ruling be overturned? Should the United States enact contribution limits for corporations?

Asked by: Rawls
  • Oh dear God, yes.

    Corporations have too much freedom. They are able to buy elections and disrespect the USA Constitutional voting process. Corporations are not people. Poor people should have as much voice as rich people in elections and we should strive for that goal. 1 Timothy 6:10: the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Buddha: Victory breeds hatred for the concured are never happy.

  • Get corporate money out of politics. Corporations are not people.

    The corporate coup d'etat of our democracy was further proliferated by this ruling from the Supreme Court. People that reside on both ends of the political spectrum agree that the influx of corporate money into our democratic process has had vastly detrimental effects. Negative advertisements and skewed research has bombarded, mislead, and confused the electorate and has caused many voters to feel disenfranchised and powerless. In addition, this ruling has effectively eradicated an authentic democracy wherein multiple parties representing an eclectic blend of beliefs and perspectives have a chance at success in electoral politics. They are rendered impotent. Futhermore, this ruling only widens the opportunity for cronyism and corruption in the political realm. Lobbyists representing elite interests of oligarchs and aristocrats only have more ammunition to assault and dismantle our democracy. The ruling said corporations were people, and this needs to be reversed.

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