Should the city of St. Louis crack down harder on properties owned by shady firms like Urban Assets?

  • Yes, they are a menace.

    Yes, the city of St. Louis should crack down on firms like Urban Assets, because Urban Assets takes advantage of people. St. Louis has a large problem with properties not being kept up, and also with slum lords that take advantage of people. The people need their government to do a better job of policing people.

  • Urban Assets is nothing but a scam!

    Who leaves homes to sit and rot anyway?! If this continues, then the city will be forced to deal with lots that are utterly unproductive. Right now, the city can't do anything because they can't arrest a company. I think that the city should strike right through the red tape and issue an ultimatum; if they find nobody inhabiting Urban Assets houses or any signs of construction or demolition by a certain date, then they're gonna repossess the lots and the houses!

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