Should the Civil Right Movement be taught in school? Why?

Asked by: Itachi-Uchiha
  • All history should be taught in school

    From the turtle bone prophets by early prophets in china, to modern day history, The story of our past as a civilization teaches who we were, what we become and what events led us to that point. It teaches us not to repeat the mistakes in the past and learn from our ancestors. Who knows which children learning history might one day lead a nation?

  • Of course it should

    Putting off the fact that it was one of the most important movements in North American history, there's also the fact that it changed the way the world looked at the Black/African population. Not only did it give Blacks/Africans equal right as Americans (at least on paper), but it also ensured the future of other equality movements that based their own movements largely on the Civil Rights Movement.

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