Should the classic poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" be updated to remove lines about smoking?

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  • No way.

    Traditions should always be kept and unchanged. For instance, the liberals are always trying to take God out of everything so they do not offend anyone. Traditions should be kept in this instance and most other instances. Although if a tradition is harming anyone or anything it obviously should not be kept.

  • NO!

    It is absurd that organizations and community groups are so worried about censoring anything that may contribute to bad habits or scandalous behavior. Everyone has become so tightly wound that an exposure to real world acts is heathen. Traditions will become lost, and the real ability of just enjoying a media outlet will become 100% politically correct, which is just plain boring.

  • No Absolutely Not

    It's very important that we preserve our written culture and sometimes the uncomfortable things in older literature are tempting to take out, but we shouldn't. We need to know our background and understand our origins. Leaving the line in the poem invites discussion about why smoking is wrong, but also helps us and our children remember that we didn't always know this.

  • Censorship is never a good thing.

    I do not think it is appropriate to censor aspects of someones creative work for the purpose of making it more appropriate or to fit social norms. This was someone's work of art, and editing that to satisfy ones own personal agenda is totally inappropriate. Should we edit old cartoons that regularly showed characters smoking at a time when it was more socially acceptable so that we can further our own personal agenda? I think not.

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