Should the Clinton administration be able to withhold emails from the public during their hearing?

  • The right to know what is happening shouldn't supersede national security

    Hillary Clinton handled classified information in a manner that could have endangered national security. This is a fact of interest, and responsible journalism demands that it be disclosed. However, the content of these emails is, quite frankly, none of our business. The type of emails and the manner in which they are handled is news, and journalists should report it thoroughly. The content of the emails may include classified information. Releasing this information could endanger individuals or the public. It makes no sense to indict Hillary Clinton for being careless with information and yet make these emails public.

  • Yes, If They Compromise National Security

    I initially ticked no - in a hearing, it is essential that you are given the whole truth, so that as a jury you're able to decide fairly one way or another. But in this case it's different, because some of the emails may have contained matters of national security. It's only these which should be withheld, if any.

  • For national security

    If Republicans believe these emails contain information that is top secret and can hurt the United States they absolutely should be withheld. If they are only viewed by members of Congress with clearance that is one thing, but just releasing them during hearings would be very irresponsible and could hurt us.

  • Show Us Your Emails

    The Cling administration works for the US government, therefore, all the emails belong to the public. It is no different than working in the private sector where all emails received/sent belong to the company. Person or groups in charge of screening the emails can choose to ignore obviously harmless emails of the Clintons. However anything directly to government business should be available.

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