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  • I mean come on!

    Yes and No! Coca Cola is already super famous and i'm pretty sure their isn't one person in all of U.S.A that doesn't know what Coke is! (Well, that is if you aren't an immagrant or someone from another country) Even other countries have coke! But...I mean should this really be a topic i don't really even care!

  • Who doesn't know about coke?

    This is a bit of a fun question. Does coke have the right to have ads? Absolutely, that's not the question. The question is, is it really necessary for them to spend billions a year in advertising when most people are gonna buy their product whether the advertise or not.

    When i see a commercial for coke I think, who cares? I'm gonna buy their product anyway. If someone likes Pepsi better than coke, do you really think some silly polar bear or Santa commercial is gonna make them switch? Its a taste thing.

    What you guys think? Does coke, or any other major company really need to have all these ads? Aren't you still going to be buying their products whether you see ads or not?

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