Should the cold fusion e-cat be phased into popular use?

  • If True, E-Cat Reactors Can Change the World

    If a cold fusion reactor such as Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (e-cat) reactor exists, then energy companies can surely make billions of dollars on the investment. Cherokee Investment Partners recently bought the design and plans to market the reactors in the United States and China. Hopefully the claims are true that the energy output is 10,000 times greater than that of unleaded gasoline. If true, these reactors will revolutionize the human race.

  • Give it a shot

    As long as the science is confirmed that this reactor will work, I think that this reactor should be put into popular use, as long as the testing and previous trials confirm that this will work correctly. Any new ideas that could possibly work better than what we use not should be tried.

  • The world needs a new power source -NOW.

    Millions of people on this planet have no access to proper heating, cooking and power. The planet itself stands on a precipice of disaster caused by wood, coal and gas use. We need LENR to work before we damage the planet beyond what the human race needs to survive. We need it sooner rather than later.

  • E-Cat still requires testing.

    The E-cat offers a form of nuclear power that, if proven, would revolutionize energy by providing a cold fusion source that is much more economical than anything we have at the moment. While the idea of the e-cat is glorious, the science to support it just has not been scrutinized enough. Even if the E-cat defies the current known laws of physics, but works, then by all means lets get it made. However, the creators have kept the science "secret" under the guise of protecting their product. The result is an untrusting scientific community that is unwilling to back something blindly. Until the smartest people we can find can understand how the e-cat works, we cannot accept it for production or distribution.

  • The cold fusion e-cat should not be phased into popular use.

    The cold fusion e-cat should not be phased into popular use. The E-Cat has reached the end of the line. It still maintains some faithful supporters, but, most likely, it will soon fade away in the
    darkness of pathological science, where it belongs. I do not think the e-cat should be used.

  • The cost is too high.

    No, the cold fusion e-cat should not be phased into popular use, because it is not very cost-effective compared to what else is out there. Traditional nuclear energy still seems to be the best bet. Continuing to try new things is still important, however the cold fusion reactor just does not have the potential to overtake what already is out there.

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