Should the college application process be more competitive?

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  • No it shouldn't

    No I do not think the application process should be more competitive. I think it should stay the same. I think everybody should have the opportunity to learn but it is good to have some level of competition. Competition is good and raises the level of intensity up a bit.

  • The college application process does not need to be more competitive.

    The college application process does not need to be more competitive.There are already too many demands placed on the average college applicant.First they have to have high grades.Next they have to have plenty of extracurricular activities to show they are well rounded.They also have to be able to write a good essay to express themselves.

  • No, it shouldn't be

    The process is competitive enough when it comes to the universities that truly deserve it. There's nothing to be gained by making potential college students even more cutthroat with one another than they already are, it's already a relatively nasty process that teaches enough about how harsh and competitive the "real world" is.

  • Cut The Red Tape

    I do not believe the college application process should be competitive. It is competitive at the schools that offer the best programs and the most prestige and that is fine, but for common colleges people shouldn't feel the need to be competitive to further their education. I believe colleges should attempt to limit the red tape associated with college and make the process as simple as possible.

  • No, the college application process is already complicated.

    The college application process is already quite competitive, at least if trying to get into a private school. Students must have good high school GPAs, it's looked upon favorably if they did extracurricular activities, and they also have to score highly on tests like the ACT and/or SAT. They also fill out lengthy applications and must write essays. It already can be very competitive to get into the most desirable schools.

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