Should the Colombian government have taken over the entire Pablo Escobar net worth after his death?

  • To the State

    Considering how Escobar lived his life, and stole and damaged so much of the moral and health of the general population, they deserve the compensation for his reign of terror. Escobar unleashed new narcotics that tore apart minds and families, and there needs to be some sort of help to the people who are still suffering the after effects.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the Colombian government should have taken over the entire Pablo Escobar net worth after his death. Escobar was one of the biggest drug dealers so all of those monies were actually made through illegal activity. The government and the general population should have been granted the right to utilize those funds.

  • Yes, The Colombia Government should have taken the entirety of Pablo Escobar's net worth after his death.

    Pablo Escobar made the vast majority of his wealth through illegal drugs trade in Colombia and surrounding areas, I think it would have been more then acceptable for the Colombian Government to have seized his wealth and distributed it to those who were negatively effected by him and his business.

  • The Colombian government should have seized all of Pablo Escobar's estate

    When a person makes their fortune based entirely on illegal activity, the government has a right to seize all of the fruits of the poisoned tree. Pablo Escobar was a notorious drug dealer and criminal, and his entire estate was made from his criminal exploits. As such, it would be completely within the Colombian government's right to seize the estate after he died.

  • They have to allow freedom.

    No, the Colombian government should not have taken over the entire Pablo Escobar net worth after his death, because Colombia is going the wrong way by becoming communist. The Colombian government needs to allow people to leave their wealth to their children, or they will not work as hard. The Colombian government controls their people too much.

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