Should the common core education system be implemented nationwide?

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  • Common core, while sometimes good, in all in all bad.

    As a student who has experienced both the previous education system, as well as common core, I can say that common core does not work in all cases. Adding on top of my own experience, my mother, who happens to be a 3rd grade teacher, wholeheartedly hates common core. Common core emphasizes math and literature, which, while great, should not be the only big subjects. Science, History, and musical education should also be included, and I have reasons for all of these.

    Without an emphasis on science, the world will no longer advance at a rate of any significance.

    Without an emphasis on history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    Education in music has been shown to increase productivity and grades, as well as decrease stress and tension.

    As I stated in the headline, there are cases in which common core works. While it would be nice if no city or area is behind or ahead of another, it doesn't cater to all student's needs. Common core emphasizes audio and visual learning, which for people like my best friends, is great. But for me, someone who has to do something to fully understand it, common core is a nightmare.

    This is also besides all of the stress is causes students. We switched to common core mid semester of my 8th grade year, and the homework we had, which was already 45 minutes a night, more than quadrupled to 3.5 hours a night. I had to give up soccer, and our band program and choir program was almost put to a halt due to the fact that no kids had time to practice for either of these.

    On top of the homework, we were expected to be prepared for standardized testing, which may not sound bad, but the pressure the teachers and school put on us to do well was immense, and I normally aces tests without studying. After common core was implemented, I studied for 30+ minutes a night for 2 weeks before a test, yet still barely scraped by with a C.

    All in all, common core is a very bad system for American schools these days, and unless greatly revised, will destroy our education system, and the desire to learn and succeed in our country.

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