Should the company Steam be held liable for patron's personal information being exposed on their website?

  • Steam should adhere to a privacy policy

    Yes, Steam should be liable for a patron's personal information being exposed on their website. Steam claims to use SteamKit to interface with the Steam network and provide updates..The patron should read through the FAQ pages and be informed. Users could join a forum and report information breaches. This will improve the products Steam offers. There is also a feature for reporting technical issues.Simply apologizing for leaks is not enough.If people want to be safe, they should not give out too much information.

  • Yes they are at fault

    It is truly everyone's nightmare to find out that your personal information was exposed by a company you trust. Two Christmases ago Target was hacked, TJ Maxx also had a huge security breech in the past and many others. We all held our breaths collectively as we poured over our statements to verify there were no unwanted charges. It is a company's responsibility to make sure their websites are secure. It is much cheaper to hire Internet security to test your systems and secure them than to wait until something like this happens. The company Steam should provide, at the very least, credit monitoring for free for everyone that was compromised.

  • It's their fault.

    They should be held liable because it was their lack of security that caused it. Faulty code, or whatever, it's still their responsibility to make sure it's functioning as intended. When this doesn't happen they are the ones who should be held accountable. They take their client's money to insure these things don't happen.

  • This Isn't an Easy Question To Answer

    I could say that Steam is liable, but these days hackers are managing to crack even the best of security codes. That includes government agencies such as the IRS, which is frightening. Yes, it's easy to blame the website itself, and maybe they do share a certain amount of the blame. That would depend heavily on whether they had a good security system to begin with. If they did than they are just as much a victim as those using them. As hard as that is to comprehend.

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