• It's a symbol of the worst possible crime - racism

    When I see the Confederate flag, I see racism, oppression and rebellion against freedom, against contemporary ideals of equality and human rights in the USA. Just like every racist (=a culprit of the worst possible human crime) should be banned, or killed, the Confederate flag should be banned too, along with any symbolism pointing to a celebration of so-called "the South".

  • Racist Southern rednecks

    Are the worst part of our country, America is the land of freedom to all people no matter your gender, color, sexuality, or religion. So, when in 2013 there are still Americans who are willing to fly a flag that was used in The American Civil War; which was fought partially over uncivilized white savages who thought it was okay to OWN another human being because of skin color I am appalled! PS I am white. Ever time you fly that confederate flag you are saying I am not an American I am a citizen of The Confederate States of America (CSA) and are racist.

  • Have you all forgotten about the "Ghost of the Dead Confederate Soldiers?"

    Yes, the newly organized Klu Klux Klan social fraternity used to ride around on horseback with torches wearing white sheets and hoods to scare newly freed African-American slaves. They called themselves "Ghost of the Dead Confederate Soldiers" to strike terror in the black community keeping them from voting and living comfortably as a free citizen of this nation. Yes, the Civil war was about not only slavery, but the southern way of life, which involved slavery. It was about southern economy, which was build off the back of free slave labor. When Abraham Lincoln won the election, the states began breaking away. Because Lincoln was a Republican and the Republican Party was build up of mainly Abolitionist, this caused a paranoia in the Pro-Democratic South. At this time, the Ole-South wanted the right to decide for themselves to keep or liberate the slaves. So yes, ban the hell out of the Confederate Flag. It represents racism, bigotry, and rebellion!

  • You cannot publicly claim that you hate blacks.

    The confederate flag is a symbol. It is long past bringing up feelings about the divide between the country (maybe between historians having a conversation, but the majority of regular americans do not discuss the Civil War). The Confederate Flag is what bigots slap on their trucks since they cannot slap on a bumper sticker saying "I hate black people."

  • They should stop producing every flag of the confederacy, change southern state flags and get rid of confederate monuments and cemeteries.

    I mean what's the point of any of them? The pain and torture that blacks went through is a horrible thing. I mean it's not like they chose to be slaves. To me the confederate flag and anything of the confederacy is pointless. Also I see no point in glorifying the past, it's just a pointless waste of time.

  • It goes against the current union of the country

    Waving this flag in this day and age means that you are for secession from the union in my opinion. Also it is a symbol of intolerance, racism and segregation. How is this different from waving a Nazi flag? If you do it's pretty much explicit that you're behind the Nazi ideas, otherwise why would you be waving that flag?

  • It's a symbol of hatred.

    The only reason people provide for the legitimacy of flying the Confederate Flag is freedom of speech. Well, we live in America. Our freedom of speech has been trampled countless times by politicians, might as well give it another stab for GOOD REASONS for once. The only ideologies that change between North and South is hatred of people of color. You don't fly the flag of the South Vietnamese, nor Czechoslovakia, or Nazi Germany. It's not representing a geographical region anymore, only ideas. These ideas, however, are full of prejudice and hatred. It's simply an outdated flag that needs to be retired.

    PS, I'm white.

  • The flag should be banned because it shows a willingness to abolish the Constitution.

    The Southern states that founded the rebelled against the United States, and infringed upon the human rights of Americans. Anyone who flies the flag is guilty of treason as far as I am concerned. To fly a CSA flag in the USA should be like flying a Nazi flag in Germany.

  • The Confederate Flag should be banned

    All claims of he confederate flag holding some sort of cultural pride aspect are idiotic and impractical. The flag has stood for racism Since the days of the civil war to today with the new nazis. It is an abuse of freedom of speech and it is offensive to black people. Regardless of what white people state, they will never know the pain of being discriminated and held down for hundreds of years. There is a reason that the swastika is banned in Germany. Just because it's historical doesn't mean it should continue to be endorsed. It was a dark era in American history and needs to be banned

  • Confederate Flag Expresses Ingratitude to the United States and Gives Blacks the Middle Finger

    The confederate flag is a rude offensive symbol of a sad chapter in our nation's history. The flag represents brutal racism and a yearning to separate from the greatest nation this world has ever seen: the United States. Also, the central issue of the Civil War was essentially slavery and not states rights. If the central issue of the Civil War was indeed state's rights, then we would have had a civil war between the federalists and anti-federalists during the time of the constitutional convention. Also, why do southerners want to celebrate being completely defeated by the Union? They are essentially celebrating this when they wave the flag of the Confederacy that was defeated 150 years ago. You don't see Germans waving the Nazi flag all over the country. Accept that the South lost the war and move on.

  • You people who are against the Confederate Flag are morons.

    To CreamofWeber:

    You obviously don't know your history. The war was fought over states rights. The slaves weren't even an issue until 1863 when the emancipation proclamation was written and to share a helpful fact with you, the majority of slaves in the south were already free 2 whole years before that proclamation was written.

    To Another:

    You are an African American, then you must know that you have ancestors that voluntarily fought in the Confederate Army. Maybe you'll know that Black, Spanish, and Indian soldiers fought in the Confederacy because they believed they were fighting for their country. They joined before the draft was even started. But yet, it's us rednecks who don't know our history...right!

    To James Shinton:

    If you read the founding documents, you'll realize that our founding fathers wrote into the documents that it would be considered perfectly legal to leave the union if we felt the government was getting more powerful than the people. It was Lincoln however who felt that secession was illegal in the kind of US that was currently standing at the time. I would like to side more with the people who founded this country rather than the tyrannical politicians that have led the country since it's founding and turned the country into what it was in 1861 and even worse as it is today. The flag represents a nation to be that would have closely represented how the US should have been instead of what it was.

    To all the Anonymous posters:

    How many uneducated people are there in the US that seriously just take the word of a school teacher and won't do your own research? Yes it was a bad war. Yes it was later turned into a racist symbol by white supremacist groups like the KKK and the Skin Heads. But does those group represent what the flag is really about? The Answer is No. It was not a racist flag until stupid people turned it into a racist flag. A small percentage of southerners after the war did this and even at that time, wasn't big enough to truly represent the mass amount of people who were in the Confederacy. But you guys would never know that because you don't do your own research in school. You like to live in a fairy tale land where your government takes care of you when you don't work. Where Welfare and Food Stamps are willingly given out without any questions asked.

    Think about your precious US Government for a second. Lincoln and many of the other Union Generals owned their own slaves during the war and openly expressed hatred towards the black race. But yet you praise them because they won the war. Lincoln only wrote the Emancipation Proclamation because it was election season and knew it would get him the votes he needed to stay in office. He didn't really care about anyone but himself and how it would look for his self-image. Lincoln was a selfish man who only cared about how much money was coming in at the time and how people would see him. Remember this people, Lincoln was a lawyer before becoming President. Lawyers back then were no different than Lawyers are today. Bill Clinton was a lawyer before he became President too. What's the difference in these 2 men?

    Yet, General Lee never owned a single slave in his life and you people hate on this man so much. I say the Confederate Flag not only should stay but should replace the US flag in many areas of this country.

    Also for you people who say the flag should come down because it represents treason and traitors, remember that it was people like George Washington, who did the same thing in order to make the United States. Would you bad mouth them? The US Flag itself is a symbol of treason. We broke away from England in order to make ourselves into a country...Sound familiar?

    And why did we leave? Because of high taxes and not being allowed to represent ourselves. Other things that sound very familiar. Not only in 1861 but also in today's society as well.

    My name is Brad Harris. I'm the Lt General in Charge of the Armies of North Carolina and Virginia for the New Confederate Army. And I don't give a damn what any of you say, I will fly my confederate flag anywhere I want. I would fly the flag right in front of your front door and dare you to do something about it. Because people like you need to get all that brainwashing our of your head and I'm more than happy to educate you.

    Here's some more education: Did you know that General Lee only had the authority to surrender his own army. Therefore the people of the Confederacy never surrendered and neither did the Government officials. Therefore the Confederacy legally still exists today. However, the 14th Amendment(illegally written) strips people of the Confederacy of their Confederate Citizenship and makes them US Citizens completely against their will.

    For any of you to support the current government structure, to me, makes you more of an citizen of England than it does of the US. The reason being is because you are technically supporting a government structure made famous by England and it's the very same system the American Forefather fought against in 1776.

    That's all from me, you may now report me as a terrorist to your local authorities.

  • If you ban one flag then ban both.

    If you want to ban this flag then you need to ban the Stars and Stripes. People need to check their history. There have been more crimes done to people under the Stars and Stripes than under the Confederate flag. There also were free blacks in the South that owned black and white slaves. Yes, I said white slaves, so check your history!

  • It's a flag big deal.

    The confederate flag is just that a flag of a country that use to be. Now it is part of the Mississippi flag. Yes it use to be a flag of a country that use to supported racism, does that mean the American flag needs to be banned too because they use to support slaver too. All it really is used for now it to show the pride someone has for where they came from. My friend lived in Georgia all his life has a tattoo of it on his arm to show where he is from and that he isn't afraid to show he is from the south that's all it is. It's racism time for it was never there it was simply just a flag of a country.

  • What makes the Confederate flag racist?

    People keep talking about how the "central" issue of the Civil War was slavery. Well, those people are wrong. The South was being oppressed by the Northern States and the Southern people highly disapproved of it. So,they fought,only after the North invaded with 75,000 troops,to defend their homes. Every man who believes that the government has become corrupt has the right to rebel and protest the government. This is clearly stated in the constitution. The Confederate flag,for me, is a symbol of my proud Confederate heritage. My great great grandfather fought for his home, his family, and for his freedom from oppression. I am a sixteen year old boy from a great Southern state. And. I do not believe that the Confederate flag should ever be considered racist. I find it utterly humiliating when a black person displays Martin Luther King on his shirt and nothing is wrong with that. However, when a white boy displays General Robert E. Lee, he is a devout member of the KKK and is doing nothing more than hindering the advancement of the black race. That's the way America is and I'm not very proud of it. When the NAACP claims to be anti-racist, they are really saying that they are anti-white. I will stop loving the Confederacy, nor will I ever stop supporting a cause supporting the flying of the Confederate flag. Every debate raised on a Confederate flag is by a member of the NAACP. Perhaps its time for the SCV or the CCC to begin boycotting displays of Civil Rights activists? Oh wait, if they did that, Al Sharpton would say that this was nothing more than a Klan rally filled with hats and bigotry toward black Americans. Oh, and for the record, I will NEVER stop flying my flag.

  • It is a symbol of pride and heritage.

    The confederate flag does not stand for racism. The confederate is a symbol of southern pride and heritage. I have ancestors that fought and died for the confederacy and part of the reason have one hanging on my wall is because of that. The confederate flag does not represent white power because there were black soldiers that willingly fought for the confederacy. Just because the KKK sometimes flies the confederate flag does not mean there is any relation of the two. The KKK more commonly flies the US flag and no one has every said that flag is racist.

  • It is part of the South.

    The confederate flag should be flown in every capital of every southern state in America. Why? Well, because it is a part of our history and of the culture of the South. The only people that want the flag banned are all just a bunch of left-sided liberal democrats. Go Merca'.

  • The rebel flag should not be banned, it stands for love of Southern heritage.

    The rebel flag today stands for love of Southern heritage. Yes there may be a few racist jerks today that get behind our beloved flag, but most people do not realize that the rebel flag means heritage not hate. We rednecks and southerners fly the rebel flag to show that we are appreciative of our history and heritage. This is something that has put me and my father at odds. Just because the KKK uses it, does not mean that ALL who fly it are racist.

  • No way. However, the African flag and rainbow flags should be banned.

    The Confederate Flag is an integral part of United States history and should be preserved and prominently displayed. However, the African flag is not a legitimate part of US history and should be banned. The various rainbow flags promote criminal and deviant sexual activity and should be banned from being displayed anywhere except inside private homes.

  • It supported Slavery. My family were slaves in this country for too long.

    The flag is racist. You do not see Germany flying the swastika anywhere. So why should the Confederate flag be flown? It is against the law in Germany to fly the swastika anywhere. We should have a law that is passed that the Confederate flag should not be flown any in America.

  • Racist Expressionism is our Constitutional right, except at tax-payer expense.

    It is our Constitutional right to be offensively racist in flying the Confederate flag.

    Albeit, being offensively racist by flying the flag in tax-payer expense venues (e.g. Government buildings) should be outlawed. This is the USA, not the CSA.

    Southern heritage is centered on racism and self-disenfranchisement. This point is undeniable as shown by others site in quotations of “Declarations of the Causes of Seceding States,” the Confederate Vice-President’s renowned “Cornerstone” speech, and many other citations.

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Anonymous says2013-03-20T11:38:29.187
The confederate flag does not at all symbolize slavery! The flag means something completely differant... The 13 stars on the flag represent the original 13 colony's and the blue stripes over the stars represents an x meaning the south no longer wanted to be part of the US about half way thru the war it took a turn to being more about slavery but the war was originally about the south wanting to split off also the flag isn't even the confederate flag it's the Virginia battle flag, after the war it became well known as the confederate flag