• Look At History

    This is not even THE CONFEDERATE FLAG this is a portion of the secondary flag they made during the civil war so they knew where and when their flag was and fell. Why are we fighting over the unofficial flag of the Confederate States of America. I think that is stupid.

  • Yes, the Confederate flag symbolizes racism and inequality to many people

    I believe that it is wise to ban the Confederate flag on public property because it is offensive to many U.S. citizens and has little relevance in 2012, other than as a historical symbol. To many people, the flag merely symbolizes a time when slavery and racism were acceptable in society. Perhaps it should be permitted on private property, but there is no sound reason to allow Confederate flags on public property. It serves no real purpose.

  • It's time to ban the flag of treason and racism

    Why should we tolerate the display of a symbol that was used by traitors to the US on any public property? I'm tired of the "southern pride" excuse - to me that is simply a politically correct way of say "I'm proud to be from a place that was pro-slavery and a place that continues to be ignorant and racist enough to flaunt it. It's been flown by the KKK and other bigots that wanted to terrorize people of color. If the racists won't take them down it's time to tear them down and burn them. Its also time to stop all federal tax dollars going to states that fly them or incorporate any part of them into other state flags

  • Outlaw the Confederate flag

    If the Nazi flag is outlawed so too should the confederate flag. The continuing acceptance of that flag lends itself to the hateful raciest movements we now experience in the congress of the united states as well as everyday life. Lets complete the reconstruction envisioned by President Lincoln and be done with it.

    Posted by: Bola
  • Represents slavery support

    Like it or not this is part of our history and it give many a distorted positive view of the confederate south. There is too much stupid amongst us that, sadly, we need to apply the same approach to the stars and cross as Germany has in dealing with its history. (Strafgesetzbuch section 86a.) There are far better ways to honor confederate veterans (which I strongly support) than with the flag for the perpetuation and proliferation of slavery and racial hatred.

  • The confederate flag should most definitely be forbidden

    Part 1
    The reason the confederate flag should be most definitely forbidden is because they promoted inhumanity
    They promoted against chirstian catholic charity
    The confederate were the nazis/fascists of the time that discriminated the black slaves.

    To wear a confederate flag for anyone is to be a criminal.
    Is to endorse racial superiority.

    Being white is nit a problem God created people of all skin colors and heritages. The problem becomes when a race or heritage is valued above another and this is not what God wanted for he created all human beings equal.

    All lives truely matter not as trumpists extremists tried to indirectly insinuate
    Also the other extremists the balck lives matter are also wrong in saying only black lives matter.

    Both groups were wrong as we can see what proud boys and black lives matter did to the point that it devalued human dignity and desecrated temples.

    2 extremes

    We must remember that divided we cannot stand.
    United by God and our Lady together people of different heritages and skin colors as a truely united nation we can fortify it and make it a better nation bring the positives of each different culture. . . .
    And elaborate an incorporate it into the American lifestyle as long as it does not opposes the divine right nor opposes the 10 commandments.

    At the moment where whites believe are above anyone else, Or blacks above anyone else, Or hispanics etc etc etc. . .

    Then we all fail as a nation because then we divide and subdivide each other.

    First and foremost we must remember we are definite children of God for those baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity
    As for those that are not yet baptized or are baptized we all are created equal under God's eyes.

    Not in the way that homosexuals and transgender deprives tried to change the meaning of the word equality which for them they betrayed the way God designated since the moment of conception to their natural original birth.

    We cannot discriminate based on race, Heritage, Nationality.

    Naturally we do discriminate against those that betray their gender. We cannot hate them as human beings but we must help enable them to recognize and embrace the way God created them as the apostles helped another person who was not an apostle a eunuch embrace the way God created him.

    Treat each human being with dignity compassion and cheistian charity.

    The confederate flag is the opposite.

    Some say that the pope gave a blessing to the confederate but also the pope at the time gave a blessing to Abraham Lincoln as well

    & the confederate was entirely dishonest with the pope which the letter was published they only expressed their struggles in warfare but never explained their causes nor that they were fighting for slavery to be upheld.
    If the pope would have known this he would have never gave the blessing.

  • It is racist, Insensitive, And offensive.

    The confederate flag is offensive and hurtful. It causes people of color and non-racist people to feel out of place. The flag represents white supremacy and a time where we were a divided nation. We should no longer endorse or allow this. Allowing the flag to still be displayed is insensitive and still goes against what the country has been fighting for for the last 200 years.

  • It is offensive and racist.

    The confederate flag is offensive and hurtful. It causes people of color and non-racist people to feel out of place. The flag represents white supremacy and a time where we were a divided nation. We should no longer endorse or allow this. Allowing the flag to still be displayed is insensitive and still goes against what the country has been fighting for since 1865.

  • It is Offensive and Racist.

    The confederate flag is offensive and racist to many African-Americans and anyone that is of a darker skin color. It is also offensive to the non-racist Hispanic and white people. It represents negativity and a divided nation which we should no longer endorse or stand for. It represents white supremacists which should shouldn't be the case in the present day.

  • Basically Racism against Race

    Racism is wrong in many ways. Hating a certain race may show mockery, Criticism, And discrimination. This is an outrage across America. It does not show any "Freedom" or "Civilization" whatsoever. Maybe for private property it may be allowed, But for public property, I don't think it should be allowed.

  • Freedom of expression.

    Not everyone owned a slave. Lincoln created total war. The confederacy was a right to democratically leave the union. Personally I don't care about blacks anyway. Not everyone does. What about the Irish who were basically forced into Lincoln's army? It's just like the holocaust, Zyklon b can't vaporize until its 81 F! It's not that warm in Poland in Winter. But some people just buy everything they hear. Especially uneducated, primitive minded people that can't think for themselves!

  • It is about Heritage not hate, so lets make this about knowledge not ignorance.

    Let's all take a step back for a moment, this is no small deal ladies and gentlemen. Here we are roughly 150 years after the civil war, still squabbling over rights and racism, still fighting the same battles our predecessors did on the bloody battlefields such as bull run and Shiloh. This isn't just some political decision about a colored piece of cloth, this is a battle to either preserve or outlaw a vital piece of American history. North or south, black or white, it does not matter here. Let's all just leave or prejudices and race cards at the virtual doors of this website and think clearly about all of this for a moment. That flag that everyone is so up in arms about has been around longer than anybody arguing about it right now. It has seen its fare share of battles an arguments, it has been a symbol for many individuals and organizations, for many purposes, and yes unfortunately one of those ideas the flag has stood for is racism. Radicals toting the flag have disgraced her true meaning and instilled a terrible stigma to the flag and the south as a whole. I believe discrimination of any kind is unacceptable in any setting and that we are all equal in the eyes of the lord, that being said I feel very proud when I see the old stars and bars. Why you may ask? Well because to me that flag represents a huge part of history. It symbolizes that same independent can do will do defiant spirit that founded this country in the first place. Organizations like the Klan and the Skinheads who tote the flag around as a symbol of hatred should be ashamed of themselves. They shame the flag they claim to love and respect so much. They have claimed to be proud southerners and yet they have forgotten what the war was truly about. It was always about rights, the south believed that their conditional rights were being crushed by the North and so in true American fashion they rebeled and challenged the oppressing system that threatened their lifestyle. It wasn't about owning slaves or not ( not saying it wasn't a part of the argument, just saying that was one of the rights the south felt was being infringed upon). There has always been and will always be radicals on both sides, and there will always be varying opinions on this topic and other topics much like it, however there is a common ground. Instead of going around banning symbols much like the flag that are not specifically a racist or prejudice symbol why not do a better job educating the public on the true meaning of them? It makes no sense to completely ban them.By doing so you give the ignorant radicals more ammunition for their unjust and ignorant cause. Let's educate ourselves America, instead of throwing knowledge out the window.

  • I was taught that it stood for slavery.

    After reading up on the Civil War my views have changed. I now actually see it as a symbol of American freedom. To be dissatisfied with ones own government but free enough to have the right to disagree with said government is what makes America so great. So I now support the Southern Cross "Confederate" flag, because as long as it flies, American can surely say that it is still a free nation.

  • It is wrong... Here are a few reasons why...


    Protected under the freedom of speech/expression
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Having a flag in a public place is basically the right to assemble because they are protesting that they would rather have this government instead of another one. And the protest isn’t violent or killing anyone so it is peaceful

    Protected by 10th amendment--not in constitution --> not federal right; state right
    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    marijuana is not stated in the Constitution meaning that it is a state right. States get to choose if marijuana is banned or not. In the same way the banning of the Confederate flag is a state right not federal

    if different religions are tolerated, why not different perspectives from different people
    Union must tolerate Southern heritage

    if British flag isn't banned, if the swastika isn't banned, why the Confederate flag

    No violence now (with flag), what about with no flag?
    Wouldn't more people revolt and cause more chaos and violence?
    Confederate flag represents southern heritage, pride, and its rich history
    Flag is nothing more than a historical symbol; no technical political value, as Union had actually never considered the C.S.A. As a separate country in the first place.

    Those who died fighting for the Confederacy deserve the same respect as those who died fighting for the Union.

    How does the flag symbolize racism?

    It is a flag of southern heritage and respect should be shown to all.

    The South lost the Civil War. The Nazi symbol is not banned, even though the Germans lost WWII, and therefore the Confederate symbol should not be banned from the Union

    Robert E. Lee honored his own country even though he did not agree with it's policies. Why shouldn't we be loyal to the flag by honoring its generals and soldiers who fought this war?

    The flag doesn't necessarily represent the cruelty of slavery. Some owners treated their slaves with respect so that their slaves could work better with high spirits.

    It'll be taking away our perspective of history, and the war will slowly be forgotten. The Confederacy also had political issues to prove, such as giving some power to the states. By banning the flag you are erasing part of our , the US, history

    The Civil War was mostly fought over states rights. According to the tenth amendment, if it's not in the Constitution, like the Confederate battle flag, it's a state right. So why would we deny the enemy's states rights if we fought a war with them for state rights? The Civil War results show that there has to be a balance of federal and state rights.

  • It is part of history

    As an African American I have to say that I am not offended by the Confederate flag. It is part of the history of the south. I dont think it should be banned anymore than any other historical flag. Why do we have to try and hide and ban everything that reminds us of unpleasant things. In fact when I look at the flag I feel a sense of pride in thinking back to the fact that the country came together to abolish slavery. It may have still taken some time receive equal treatment but this is where it started. Stop seeing the glass as half empty.

  • You don't know the meaning

    Its not a flag of hate. The civil wars main objective was not even about slavery. If the confederate flag represents that time in history so does the American flag since it was also flone on the same fields. Slaves were also owned in the north by Yankees. Might as well ban the American flag since it was involved in the Hitler style imprisonment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor.

  • Just Another Symbol

    The Confederate flag that people either love or hate is most often either the flag that flew over the Army of Tennessee or the Army of Northern Virginia. It flew over armies of men who, by and large, owned no slaves and were not fighting to preserve slavery. Rather, they were fighting against an invasion of their lands by a foreign power. Lincoln was very specific in stating that he was not prosecuting the war to free a single slave, but to preserve the tax monopoly of the United States government in the states that had seceded from the United States just as the original American colonies had done from the British Empire.

    Yes, every one of the Confederate states protected chattel slavery, a monstrous practice. So did four states that stayed in the Union-Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware-and the District of Columbia. Lincolns much lauded Emancipation Proclamation specifically excluded those states, as well as specific areas in the Confederate states that were occupied by Union armies. So, Lincoln "freed" slaves in areas where he had no power to do so, and left them in chains where he could have freed them.

    Symbols are tricky. They are given meaning by people. Without people, a symbol-be it a flag or a monument-is just an object. Cloth, or stone. The Confederate flag, to me, symbolizes resistance to invasion and the defense of the right of secession. I also can see how someone else could see it as a symbol of hate as it was used by the Klu Klux Clan in the 1960s and 1970s in opposition to the civil rights movement.

    Anyone can adopt a symbol for their cause. In the early 20th century the Klan, as a powerful nationalist organization, used the U.S. flag almost exclusively. Look up the largest Klan rally in history-held in Washington D.C. In 1914-the photos show ranks of Klansmen carrying flags-those flags were not flags of the Confederacy.

    The U.S. flag flew over slavery for almost nine decades before abolition. It flew over the annihilation of the western Indians and the mass internment American citizens who happened to be of Japanese decent, yet most Americans choose to let it symbolize the ideal of their country, whatever that may be for them.

    There is no difference between these two pieces of cloth. They will mean different things to different people. Too bad so many folks can't tolerate difference of opinion.

  • Why should it. Its history not hate

    Its history not hate . This decision makes no sense. Men died for that flag many many years ago. That flag honors them. It is sad that people are told they can't have the flag on display. Take it off the dukes of hazard General lee is a crazy idea

  • Supporting the flag

    The Confederate Flag was the original flag of the south. African Americans fought on the union side and Confederate side. Politics, hate groups, and the news media have turn a historical symbol into a sign of hate. Attack them and not a flag. In Gods eyes we are all equal. Hate is within people, not in a flag.

  • Why not ban the confederate battle flag

    Sorry but not everyone in the south during the 1800's were cruel slave owners and the past is the past and we can't erase it. There is no reason to ban our flag. Why because a couple of idiots killed innocent people recently and had rebel flags. Well I guess we should ban the American flag since the kkk supports that and has been commenting hate crimes since after the war. So I guess Obama is gonna have to ban the American flag to because just as many or more deaths of African Americans have been committed under the support of the American flag. More African Americans suffered under the American flag before the south succeeded and became the confederacy. And The kkk actually doesn't even support the confederate flag at all and they are the most hateful group in the nation so get relevant to the times now and see what actually is worth banning and see if a flag is the reason why people are doing things or its just because some people are crazy or just very hateful.

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