Should the Congress of the United States of America take legal or legistlative action in order to stop NSA domestic spying programs?

  • what is the purpose of freedom?

    Many people don't understand why there is a nsa if there is no protection? Why do they get to determine what we need protection why cant we the people decide? The government wants to become in control and I don't agree with that at all. I think that we should vote and honestly have people who are not in the government to post the results.

  • Get the leash back on the NSA

    The NSA has come under high levels of scrutiny as Snowden trickles out information. However, the American people keep electing the same officials that made this level of spying possible. The NSA acts under the patriot act and other various reductions in surveillance standards. We continue to sacrifice liberty for security and it will be the downfall of the American way of life. Reinstate the standards to pre 9/11 regulations, and get the collar back on that dog before it hurts anyone else.

  • NSA Should Be Shut Down

    I believe the politicians in Congress should follow the wishes of their people, those who elected them. The NSA domestic spying program has put many things into question for citizens both about the government and the companies we entrust our information to. I believe the Congress of the United States should take legal and/or legislative action to stop and shut down these programs.

  • It would restore public confidence.

    Yes, the Congress of the US should take legal or legislative action in order to stop the NSA domestic spying programs, because the public wants that action taken. The government needs to convince the American people that they can still trust their own government. Taking action against the NSA would restore public confidence in the government.

  • Congress should not take legal action against the NSA.

    Congress should not take action against the NSA's spying program. It is necessary for the NSA to do certain amounts of spying in order to prevent terrorist attacks. Congress should set limits to what the NSA is able to do, but they should not punish the agency for doing their job.

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