Should the Constitution be allowed to be dismantled even if the majority of Americans want that?

Asked by: JS103
  • Democracy is Democracy.

    If a strong majority of people call for a certain change in the way things are done, than a truly democratic system must carry it out regardless of the wishes of the minority. That's how democracy works. And it is one of the reasons why it's flawed as it means that two drugs dealers, one hooker and a hillbilly know better than one scientist.

    The trouble with the constitution itself is that it's out of date. It has been for a long time. It was written in a different time for different people to meet different needs and different values that don't all necessarily apply anymore. Clinging to it out of a sense of nostalgia is sweet, but an inefficient method of going about problems.

  • America IS a Republic, so legally no, but it SHOULD be that way. (Not saying it IS that way.)

    If the majority of Americans want the Constitution to be dismantled, then they should dismantle it. Legally, I don't think they're allowed to since America is a republic not a democracy, and the government isn't allowed to do things solely based on whether the people want it or not, but I believe that they SHOULD dismantle the Constitution if that's what Americans want. The American Constitution is one of the oldest constitutions of any major government, and sometimes if the people want change, you should give them change. Thankfully, the founding fathers were smart enough to include the ability to create amendments, so our constitution can change with the times, but if the time ever comes where American will tire of its constitution (and it will eventually) then we should dismantle it.

  • Republic NOT democracy.

    Obvious no answer. You can't just vote away the constitution. Even if the majority wishes to do so. Maybe adding new amendments but never to take away freedoms.

    This should be much common sense but who knows what some people think. There are some people who would love to take away an amendment or two.

  • The constitution sets the limit for governmental power.

    The constitution was written not just to give the people inalienable rights and powers. It was also written to limit the power of the government in the lives of the people. This "outdated" document is what prevents the government from taking control of every aspect of your life. The constitution is the document that founded this nation and the document that rules legal function to date. Discarding it will allow tyranny to rear its ugly head.

  • Ignorance is where democracy fails.

    While logic would tend to dictate, that if the majority of people want the Constitution thrown out, then it should. However, few people actually know the full extent of the constitution. I can't even get through the Bill of Rights (I tend to combine many of them by accident), let alone the other 16(?) amendments, nor do I know how the Constitution itself is worded. While I can't speak for everyone, I doubt that a significant portion of the population is highly knowledgeable about it, and therefore even if the majority wants it out, it should be put out.

  • Huh, what majority?

    I fail to see how any number of true Americans see the Constitution of our country as something that should be removed. If you mean the majority of people in the White House, then yes; they enacted the National Defense Authorization Act or Patriot Act started by the Bush Administration and extended by the Obama Administration. Those people would be happy controlling everyone and removing your liberty, but the Constitution prevents that from happening so anyone looking to remove it clearly has no idea what it stands for.

  • FOR- Pro Constitution

    The constitution is what is keeping Americans from going mad (If you take a look at other countries, you will see that there are many civil wars, i.E. Syria, Congo, Kenya etc. Going on because of the lack of a constitution that every political party agrees on. If the constitution is destroyed, there will be so many wars that what our fore-fathers fought for will be destroyed.

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