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  • yes the Constitution should be protected.

    The Constitution should be protected at all costs. It is what governs this country, ensures our freedoms, and makes us who we are. This set of rules/laws was written with Americans best interests at heart, without it the country would surely fall into chaos. All efforts should be taken to preserve the integrity of the Constitution.

  • The Constitution should be proctected.

    The United States was founded by the Constitution. Since is inception, there have been numerous changes or amendments to further protect American rights. The Constitution is the most fundamental guideline to which the country should refer to to guarantee basic freedoms. Protecting it should be a priority in American politics.

  • Yes, the American people should protect the Consitution as a framework for our laws.

    Yes, all Americans should be vigilant about protecting the Constitution. I believe that this important legal and political document is the foundation of out political structure. Protecting the constitution ensures that our leaders are held accountable and that we act each act in the best interest of our shared democracy.

  • The constitution should be protected

    The U.S. Constitution should always be protected and the President should be the one defending it the most. So far, the President has taken actions that completely violate the constitution and we are allowing it. It must be stopped. Congressman and lawmakers need to put a stop to this immediately.

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