Should the Copenhagen Zoo have handled the killing of "Marius" a healthy, adult male giraffe in a different manner?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Yes, I believe there were other options

    Personally, I believe that other options could have been explored to find another home for the animal. It seems contradictory that a zoo that essentially meant to help care and preserve animals, moves forward with euthanizing a healthy animal due to inbreeding concerns. I am surprised that options to move the animal to another zoo or a new owner were not fully vetted and explored.

    Even if an arrangement for another owner could not be reached, the manner in which they killed the animal, in public, could have been handled much more discreetly.

  • They shouldn't have killed this giraffe

    This Giraffe was a healthy 2 year old who was killed and feed to lions in front of a crowd made up of children and Adults. They claimed that they were proud to educate children about the insides about a giraffe. I do not think they should be proud of what they have done, they should have at least done it in a different manner. They shouldn't be aloud to perform this, and something should have been done about this situation. Thousands of people signed a protest, yet these zoo keeps still continued with this. We need to stand up for the rights for our animals, to protect them and not let this happen to innocent animals.

  • They could've given him a vasectomy

    They said they wouldn't neuter him because they were concerned about quality of life because supposedly mating is an important part of a giraffe's existence. Then give him a vasectomy leaving his testicles intact.

    They using the "preventing inbreeding" thing as an excuse. They wanted media attention or worse the director just wanted an excuse to see blood and carnage.

  • It is inhumane

    They fed a healthy giraffe to the lions they could have done put them down and maybe even had a proper funeral for them but feeding it to the lions it is just crazy! This giraffe cant stand up for himself if he could speak English he would have said no! Feeding a zoo animal to other zoo animals does that sound okay to you?

  • It was humane enough

    The giraffe was killed because it violated European Inbreeding law. Inbreeding could result in more aggressive giraffes, which could threaten human existence. The giraffe was shot in the head, and died before it's public dissection, and it's body parts were fed to lions, also in public, which just shows that the cycle of life, however unfortunate, is there. It is always there.

  • No, it was for the best.

    The giraffe in question was killed to prevent inbreeding, no other Zoo could take the animal and releasing in the wild would only lead to its demise but would of suffered a lot more. We wrongly treat animals like human children and forget that they are different in nature. Animals like this are hunted and killed all the time by lions in the wild. What they watched the lions do here was an act of nature but carried out more humane then it would be in the wild.

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Buckethead31594 says2014-02-10T23:55:25.097
Buckethead31594 says2014-02-10T23:59:37.907
"If we just sterilize him, he will take up space for more genetically valuable giraffes," ^

So that's what this world is coming to? Where the quality of life is measured by genetic value? Mankind sickens me.

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