• I believe college should be a government investment.

    With the cost of college on the rise, many students are being burdened with debt. Student debt is quickly becoming the largest source of debt in the nation, and is currently ahead of credit card debt. Lending to this problem is the fact that many employers now require bachelors degrees for jobs that rarely require them, forcing more students to take on the burden. Educated individuals are essential for innovation and creating new technologies, so why do we burden them with such high debt loads?

    I must admit I have a bias in this discussion. My current student debt burden exceeds $80,000 from a public institution because I did not qualify for FAFSA financial benefits. Working a job on the side, I was able to reduce my burden from 100,000 dollars at the start of college. Either way, I graduated with the equivalent of a mortgage with no house to show for it. This is not meant to be a sob story, but a voice of concern over a generation of students who are in a constant state of debt to the banks.

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