• YES because he has proven his worth

    America would not re elect him if he was no good. More people favored him than them wanting change, and what good is change going to be if the people will not know the results? For example, in your school, would you like to elect someone with experience or would you elect someone whom you do not know how they will serve as president? EXPERIENCE is always the bigger advantage. Another advantage of Obama winning is the fact that he knows what are the problems that mostly need solutions. And yes he may have not fulfilled all the promises that he made, but he has more years to find solutions for the unfinished tasks that he left.

  • Yes because he knows what he is doing. Bush pushed the country so deep that it will take more than 2 Obama terms to get out of the slush he created in 8 years. This is exactly what I fear about Romney.

    He bailed out big companies thus opening up more jobs, killed Osama and other terrorists, weakened terrorist organizations, ended the war in Iraq, sent home 33,000 troops from Afghanistan, the unemployment rate recently went down to 7.8%. Obama inherited a damaged America from the Bush Administration and will do anything to restore America to perfection. He created more job opportunities in the US, approximately 3,745,000, stands for the DREAM Act which allows immigrant children who have shown they can complete education in the US to become citizens and hold jobs here. He has increased trade with other countries and increased science and technology advancement in US. He saved auto industry, cut spending on the military, supports civil and women's rights, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, ETC!! OBAMA for FOUR MORE YEARS!Yes, because he knows what he is doing.

  • YES

    bailed out big companies thus opening up more jobs, killed osama+other terrorist and weakened terrorist organizations, ended war in Iraq, sent home 33,000 troops from Afghanistan, Unemployment rate recently went down to 7.8%, he inherited a damaged America from the Bush Administration and will do anything to restore America to perfection, more job opportunities in the US, created approximately 3,745,000 jobs in the US, stands for the DREAM Act which allows immigrant children who have shown they can complete education in US to become citizens and hold jobs in US thus increasing trade with other countries and increasing science and technology advancement in US, Saved auto industry, cut spending on military, supports civil and women's rights, awarded Nobel Peace Prize, ETC!! OBAMA for FOUR MORE YEARS!

  • For Many Reasons

    1. Killed Osama Bin Laden
    2. Gaddafi is dead and Libya is free.
    3. Iraq War is over.
    4. Romney will raise taxes on the middle class to pay to avoid having to raise taxes on the rich.
    5. "Debt" you got to remember Obama inherited Bush's mess. Instead of committing the surplus to paying off the debt he spent it on tax cuts and pushed us into the worst deficit we ever had.

  • The Republican Party ran the US into the ground.

    How disrespectful of you! The Republican Party has done nothing to elevate the status of the US. The down grading of our credit rating, was due to the past actions of President Bush and Corporate Greed. They set the stage for what President Obama has needed to deal with and the wealthy are the ones who have eliminated jobs in the US and taken tax dollars to give themselves bonuses. It is disgusting that anyone feels that the current president could fix eight years of wrong doing in such short a time. By the way...did we ever find those "Weapons of Mass Distruction? No, but Osama was taken down. How do you know he refused to do anything in Libya the Ambassador knew what was happening and chose to stay.

  • Of course

    His foreign policy is one of the best we have had. He's killed Bin Laden. His drone strikes have worked amazingly well. He is not a muslim born in Kenya. None of what he did is unprecedented. His auto bailout is similar to Reagan's chrysler bailout. And if you don't believe it didn't work, go tell the people of Detroit that. He wants to raise taxes on the RICH THREE PERCENT! Clinton did that in the 90's.

    America is the only modernized country without universal healthcare. Sure, Obamacare isn't the same as universal healthcare, but its a step in the right direction. It is a republican plan to begin with. Just ask Mitt Romney, and look at how successful it was in Mass.

    Now to Romney. Romney is an asshole. This is the guy that said the Palestinians don't want peace, and that 47% of Americans are freeloaders. He's also the guy that flip flops on every issue. Obama is light years better than him.

  • There are no good candidates.

    We have two choices. We can either vote for obama and things can continue to get gradually better and worse in different parts of the country, or we can vote for mitt romney and flip a coin every day to predict his political stance of the day. While obama isn't the greatest candidate, can you honestly say romney is any better?

  • Why Not?

    You see, when it comes to the economics, the Republicans want to create a artificial recession, hoping to come out of it in a few years or so. Whereas the Obama wants to stay on the same track, borrowing money and putting it into a not-so-steady flowing economy. So would you rather be in a possible recession or a guaranteed one?

  • Lesser of two evils

    Yes he should be because he's the lesser of two evils. But American's shouldn't let their politicians keep throwing out the idea of the American dream like it's actually something achievable. Do you realize that the "American Dream" is actually more achievable in at least 10 other countries... i.e. Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway...etc..

  • Of course

    Obama is stopping the onslaught of assaults that the Republicans (BUSH) started years before Obama took office. Conservatives are racist and do not want him to succeed because he is black....PERIOD!
    OBAMA 2012

  • Two faced

    He was all against the USA being in any war that we did not have entras in then he jumps into war with LIbia. He has been that way in everything two faced

  • The country should not elect Barack Obama, because he is destroying the economy.

    Barack Obama's liberal policies are destroying the American economy. President Obama's idea of an economy is one where the government runs most of everything, so that everyone has to rely on the government. But, history has shown us that the more free a nation is, then the better their economy does.

    Posted by: 5h4yGust
  • The country should not elect Barack Obama because he is one of the worst presidents that we have ever had.

    Sadly, in the last election the United Stated voted in the worst president that we ever had. He does nothing in order to help put our country in better standing. The only thing that he has going for him is that he is a good speaker but that is only thanks to the tele-prompter.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • The U.S. should not re-elect Barack Obama because he has been an ineffective leader and not delivered on his promises.

    Barack Obama was elected on a promise of hope and change, but two and a half years into his term we have seen little change and there is as little hope as ever. All the problems Obama was elected to solve have only gotten worse under him. The economy is terrible, America is still involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Libya as well.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Barack Obama should not be elected again.

    Barack Obama should not be elected again because all of his ultra liberal programs have plunged us into a double dip recession. Obama has used executive orders to circumvent congress. He has also failed to faithfully execute his job as President by directing ICE to not enforce existing laws. Although he denies having no knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious, he is still responsible. If he truly doesn't know about it, he is incompetent. If he knows about it, he is criminally complicit. He should not be re-elected.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Heck NO

    He hasn't done anything to help out the American People. He has spent more money then any other president. He thinks he is royalty. He has taken more vacations then anyone. He is a racist president.

  • Absolutely Not.

    This guy made promises that he knew he could not or would not be able to keep. He has DESTROYED healthcare, insurance companies, medicare, and the economy (the continued destruction of the economy I should say). Bush was bad, Obama is bad... we need a change in a radical way. I know people that say the following, and it is scary: "I will vote for Obama because in my lifetime, he was the only president to give me anything." They were referring to the stimulus package that they got, the $100 or whatever. They can't come up with another reason. He said he would bring the soldiers home but revamps it instead. I could keep going and going. This election is the scariest for me and I have only been voting for 14 years!

  • @gratefuldan

    Are you serious? Republicans are racist? We have Condi Rice, Herman Cain, etc. I would vote for any black republican over a white democrat. The accusation that republicans are racist is absurd. Also, Obama and most democrats are whining that Bush made the problem. Even if this was true, he took office to fix the problems and he hasnt. Blaming Bush is a very immature way to handle epic failure and is an indication that he is a very weak leader.

    Posted by: jjow
  • Are you kidding me?

    He's inept
    He lied to us - where's the transparency? He can't even admit that the Libya incident was a terror attack. Does he think we're stupid?
    He apologizes for America when he should be supporting and fighting for it!
    He made the economy worse than any president ever had. Our credit rating has been downgraded, unemployment has skyrocketed (let's not use the typical unemployment percentages since many forget that it counts only those filing for benefits and not those that can no longer get benefits or stopped looking). His budget didn't even get 1 single vote in the house or the senate!
    I can't even get into the health care debacle...don't know where to start.
    Stimulus went where???
    16 vacations for the first family when I haven't been on one since 2006.
    Gas prices - did nothing about that one. Oh wait...he stopped the keystone pipeline.
    I could go on and on....

  • We can't stomach another 4 years of Obama!

    Obama has been the worst President in America's history! He has made us appear weak to our foreign enemies and he has caused friction among our foreign allies. He was warned there could be a potentially dangerous protest in Libya during the week of 9-11 but he refused to address it. He refused to make sure our men were armed to protect the Ambassador to Libya and the 4 guardsmen who were slaughtered. He gives billions of our tax dollars to Muslim Brotherhood so they can continue their attacks on Americans. He has given billions of our tax dollars to Mexico, Brazil and Colombia for them to drill oil but won't allow drilling here. He is the first President in America's history to have our credit rating downgraded...even a task Bush didn't accomplish. What I've listed barely scrapes the surface. Another 4 years...NO THANKS!

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