Should the country of India radically change the way it functions as a government?

  • In need of change

    I won't pretend that I know everything, or even a lot, about Indian politics, but it makes sense that the country should reform. Any country that has over a billion people while using an older system of government with poor infrastructure in many places needs a change in the long term.

  • India needs a change!

    I do believe that the country of India should radically change the way it functions as a government. Right now, there is very little good about what's going on in India. If they want to keep up witht he rest of the world, they are going to need a change.

  • Yes, India should change its governing.

    I definitely think that the country of India should change the way it functions as a government. Even though the economy is doing well, a lot of its citizens still live in poverty levels that should not exist in a country that wants to claim that it's economy is a powerful presence in the world.

  • India's government is wildly corrupt.

    The country of India is not in good shape at the moment. Part of this problem is how utterly corrupt the government is. They are not adept enough to stop the many crime lords that run the cities. Their government is on par with the Mexican government, which is also considered poor.

  • No it's working

    No they should not change the way they function as a Government. It is working for them to operate the way it is supposed to be. It might not function the way they would like it if they go ahead and change it from the way it is currently set up. Change is not always a good thing.

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