Should The COVID-19 Lockdown Last Until The New Cases And Deaths Are Both At 0 For A Longtime?

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  • No such thing

    There will be no such thing as 0 deaths and cases. Take Zika or even the normal flu for example. There has never been 0 cases, That's just how viruses work. Also, People have to gain immunity and fight the virus in their system and lockdowns prevent that. As long as people are mingling together, The rates will go down.

  • No way aaaa

    No way! I understand why the lockdown was first implemented, But we HAVE to strike a balance. Of course loss of life is sad and no-one wants to see loads in hospital, But we have to balance it against the damage the restrictions do. People have not been allowed to go out, Not been allowed to see their friends, Family or partenrs, People have lost their jobs and overall life has been ****. I have come close to suicide with it all myself!
    There is now a vaccine so (in time), This will reduce the risk from the virus. Although some countries (notably New Zealand) DID achieve zero covid, It just is not possible elsewhere. The virus is just too endemic now and any attempt to try for zero will just end in tears. It would mean almost permanent lockdown and that's not a way anyone would want to live. . . . . . . In time, The disease will become something we just live with and with the vaccines it will no longer be the "killer" virus it is now. It will become like a cold that only kills the very weak and frail and is just a nuisance factor for everyone else. For those who think its worth it, Do they also support zero flu, Zero colds etc?

  • No the lockdown should have never veen implemented.

    Covid is real. People die from covid. People die from many different illnesses. It is not nor gas it ever been the responsibility of a non feudal government to keep you healthy. The WHO does not reccomend lockdowns. Theres no evidence of causation between lockdowns and decreased overall death rates.

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This suggestion is quite irrational. . .
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