Should the COVID19 Emergency Unemployment $600 per week additional assistance be extended through Dec 31, 2020?

Asked by: Edward711
  • Yes yes yes

    Yeah, Why not! It helps people. Especially small businesses. You realize, People still have to pay taxes for almost everything. Plus, For those people who hadn't made any money, Such as unemployed, May suffer. Although 600 per week may be too much, It would not hurt to give a little money to help these people.

  • Focus on the cause, Not the symptoms

    The reason people need temporary emergency assistance is because they have no relief from creditors that demand payment (e. G. Paying rent on an apartment, Making a car payment, Or paying the electric bill).

    Since the Government is solely responsible for scuttling the economy and forcing people to become unemployed, They should provide relief from their actions; however, Printing a mountain of borrowed money is not the answer.

    If we are truly intent on "putting civilization on hold" for a period of a lock-down, Then all time-based payment systems should also be put on hold. . . Meaning that a person fired because of a lock-down shouldn't pay rent because — follow the chain — the apartment business will have their property taxes, Water bill, Electricity bill, And the like waived as well, And continuing further, The electric company would be exempt from taxes, Truck lease payments, An other time-based payments as well.

    This would, Of course, Have to be put to an emergency public vote because violating contracts must require consent of all signing parties, Or the foundation of our civilization (private contracts between willing participants, Enforced by laws and regulations) will crumble.

    When all lock-downs are lifted, Then everything picks up where it left off, And payments resume.

    The only Federal assistance would be interest-free loans for items like truck repairs (which require manual labor) needed by the electric company to continue providing service, And other such direct funding mechanisms for any non-debt (hard cash layout) payments such as processing materials, Physical labor, Etc.

  • Unemployed people shouldn't make more than essential workers

    I am considered an "Essential worker" and My average paycheck is from 260-340 depending on hours. Why the hell am i expected to work putting my health on the line to make less money, By a substantial amount compared to someone who isn't working at all? The government complains about our financial situation, But rewards people for being unemployed. Its beyond messed up.

  • It is irresponsible

    To provide this money, The government must borrow or print the money. If they borrow the money, It will increase the deficit. If they print the money, It devalues the dollar. Either way is a lose / lose. People cannot hide in their houses and expect an unearned income. Another way must be found.

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